I hope this is the right forum to do this on but I'm trying to see what
freenet offers in the way of privacy/anonymity.  I've been exploring Tor for
sometime which seems to have an incredible system of security via the
circuit.  The only 2 vulnerabilities that I see being: bad exit nodes that
try to scam off insecure packets; a group owning several nodes in a circuit
that can figure out who is requesting what.

That said, I'm trying to see what freenet is and is not in comparison.  As
far as I can see, it provides anonymity in retrieving content because of the
use of the storage space on the computer.  Posting freesites would also seem
somewhat anonymous but a little bird in my ear brings back memories of
forces such as the RIAA being able to tell which computer originated a mp3
and thus I wonder if the same would be for freesites.

In uploading and downloading a freesite, there appears to be a key encryptor
and a key reader (similar to PGP).  What kind of methodology do we use to
get these keys (i.e. SHA1, MD5, PGP etc)?  Mainly, I want to be aware of
these methodologies as things such as MD5 are later exposed to have a
weaknesses that appears through the progress of time.

Lastly, some more general questions that I have about freesites and the
overall setup of freenet.

I read that a freesite can't have javascript.  Is the javascript stripped
out upon upload or how is this done?

I currently have 0 trusted people so I'm therefore testing freenet more as
an open-net (?).  How is this insecure?  This may go back to one of my
previous questions on anonymity.

In a darknet, do the nodes actually know who is posting the content (i.e.
obviously they were added but I'm talking about the computer) or is that
somehow encrypted (i.e. they are only able to read things encrypted by a
particular key.  So if I have 5 keys for 5 different freesites, people can
only read the freesites that they have a key for)?

Sorry if these are stupid questions covered somewhere but I'm just trying to
get specific questions answered.  I'm sure I'll have more.  LOL

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