We have a new update.cmd (command line updater script for Windows). If your 
Windows-based node won't start, please run update.cmd (in the folder Freenet 
is installed in, from a command line), and hopefully it will resolve the 
problem. You will need to manually start Freenet after the update succeeds 
(e.g. via the Start Freenet command on the start menu), because it only 
restarts Freenet if it's not actually running.

I'm sorry for the disruption, we've had a series of catastrophic bugs to deal 
with, some of which were long-standing but only became a problem recently due 
to other changes. Some of these resulted in downloading corrupted updates. 
Apart from that, we've had to make a series of changes to freenet-ext.jar, 
and unfortunately we only have partial support for updating it, this again 
resulted in nodes not starting up. We have now fixed update.cmd, so at least 
the last-resort manual update will work; most of the time automatic update 
will work, but unfortunately it is currently possible for the node to update 
the main jar but not the ext jar, and thus break; this will also be fixed 
soon. The actual data corruption bug has been fixed in 1181, a better fix 
will be in 1182, and a long-term solution to the underlying problems (with a 
back-compatible metadata change) hopefully in 1183.

This is mostly my fault ... sorry.
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