On Thursday 27 November 2008 17:42, toadsfriend at hushmail.com wrote:
> 4 of your peers are having severe problems (not acknowledging 
> packets even after 10 minutes). This is probably due to a bug in 
> the code. Please report it to us at the bug tracker at 
> https://bugs.freenetproject.org/ or at support at freenetproject.org. 
> Please include this message and what version of the node you are 
> running. The affected peers (you may not want to include this in 
> your bug report if they are darknet peers) are:
>     *
>     *
>     *
>     *
> Freenet 0.7 Build #1184 r23907
> Freenet-ext Build #26 r23771

Thanks for your bug report. Hopefully we will be able to fix this soon, 
however there have been a number of more urgent problems lately. We make the 
node report it because we need to hear about it if it happens ... we had 
thought it was fixed. Please wait until we release a build which we claim has 
fixed the problem, and then report the bug if it continues to happen. Thanks.
> Hi,
> If you wish to receive bug reports it might be a good idea to 
> enable the support address to receive messages. My last one is 
> being held up for a moderator to view. I shall not bother in future 
> if I don't think helpful reports are being attended to.

Given the amount of spam we get, which would be rebroadcast to everyone trying 
to help other users or trying to solve a problem of their own, it would be 
utterly idiotic to not moderate non-subscriber spam: it would simply result 
in everyone leaving the list.
> Well wisher
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