On Saturday 29 November 2008 08:38, Level 13 wrote:
> I've installed 0.7 yesterday (finally :) but I'm not getting rid of
> 0.5 just yet). I like the fact that it's not eating that much of the
> computer resources as 0.5 (but then again, I've pretty much kept the
> restrictive default settings about the memory and such).

Welcome! And thanks.
> Now, to my questions... After one day, it still says:
> UDP Darknet port XXXXX Status unknown
> UDP Opennet port XXXXX Maybe port forwarded
> Why is this so? Both ports ARE port-forwarded, whereas the Darknet is
> not used yet (since I have "no friends" in a manner of speaking).
> However, an occasional packet to one of the ports is filtered every
> now and then, on either hardware firewall or the personal/software
> firewall (I hear it's because UDP packets tend to have problems with
> firewalls - or vice versa...). Other than that, browsing seems to work
> fine.

It is nontrivial to detect whether a port is forwarded or not, especially as 
some symmetric firewalls etc have long timeouts.

W.r.t. dropped packets ... if you have a low MTU and a firewall that drops 
fragmented packets, this can be bad for Freenet. What is your MTU?
> Where is the setting for maximum number of connections the whole thing
> is allowed to maintain (which was pretty obvious in 0.5)? Is it the
> "Maximum number of Opennet peers", which is 20 at max? If so, how come
> only 20 is the upper limit?

20 is indeed the upper limit at the moment. More is not always better. Darknet 
nodes are unlikely to have more than 20, this was part of the thinking.
> About accessing the node from elsewhere in the LAN -- isn't this
> configured in the "Hostnames or IP addresses that are allowed to
> connect to FProxy"? Because I put an internal IP of another computer
> in my LAN there, but I can't access the site from it.

You need to set the addresses to listen on as well.
> As for these two...
> "Directories downloading is allowed to"
> "Directories uploading is allowed to"
> ...if I understand this correctly, putting the string "downloads"
> there will use the path defined in "Default download directory"
> setting (where e.g. I have "x:\download07" (without the quotes) -- is
> this correct)?
> What's the deal with "If this is set to "all" any user can download
> any file to anywhere on your computer!" -- does it actually mean that
> anyone who connects to my node will be able to read just about ANY
> file on the system?

Any user who has access to FCP.
> Oh, and BTW, I got this status message even after the auto-update to
> the latest version:
> 12 of your peers are having severe problems (not acknowledging packets
> even after 10 minutes). This is probably due to a bug in the code.
> Please report it to us at the bug tracker at
> https://bugs.freenetproject.org/ or at support at freenetproject.org.
> Please include this message and what version of the node you are
> running. The affected peers (you may not want to include this in your
> bug report if they are darknet peers) are:
> (12 IPs listed here).

Known problem, sorry... will release a build at some point in the near future 
which we believe fixes it, at which point we will need to know if it hasn't 
been fixed.
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