On Wednesday 25 February 2009 18:33:24 Michel wrote:
> Hello
> Just to warning you that freenet 0.7 doesn't run under Windows Vista 
Ultimate, it deactivate my license after a blue screen death because freenet 
have vista wireless drivers conflict and I have to reactivate my licencing 
with Microsoft now... It's not simple as easy...

Vista bugs are not our problem if they are not related to our software, which 
this one clearly isn't. It's a coincidence. Freenet has absolutely nothing to 
do with wireless drivers.
> I know you recommand it only for XP or 2000 but I think You have to warning 
people about this... 

Only if it is related to installing Freenet, which it isn't. Sorry you weren't 
able to get it working. Now go buy XP, or Ubuntu! :)
> Best regards
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