Freenet 0.7 build 1196 is now available, and is mandatory. It should be 
downloaded by your node automatically. Please upgrade.

We are still working on the request latency optimisations that we started on 
Saturday. We have discovered that the median time taken by a typical CHK 
request is vastly lower than the mean time taken by one, because every so 
often a data transfer takes a long time (many minutes in some cases). In this 
build we have extended the transfer backoff system to try to isolate nodes 
causing this trouble. Apologies for the continued disruption particularly to 
throughput, but if we can crack this one it should greatly improve latency 
and fproxy performance, hopefully permanently.

Thanks for testing Freenet! Freenet remains an unfinished and in-progress 
system, and sometimes the best way to move things forward is to try things 
out on the live network ... None of the recent changes have in any way 
jeopardised anonymity as far as I know. This build also includes a fix for a 
NullPointerException introduced in the stalled request detection code in 
1195, which was largely harmless, and a tweak to some code used by some 
plugins. Upgrade! Let us know if you fail to upgrade or notice any bugs...
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