I have been installing 3 Nexcom 1041c with 80GB WD HDDs today and was running 
into the odd Installationproblem several people have reported. I've been 
playing around with a lot of different things to make this work and here is 
what solved the issue for me:

1. Set your HDD mode in BIOS to LBA (don't use "auto", the detected geometry is 
different if it is set to auto and it fails; this was an award bios)
2. In the installation process uncheck "packet mode" (with checked packet mode 
I ended up with kernel errors on bootup from hdd)

Some other remarks when installaing a Nexcom 1041c:

- enable the serial assistent to stay after boot (this way you have everything 
at the serial console after enabling com1 in the webgui later)
- set the powersupply type from "at" to "atx" or the shutdown event won't be 
able to power down the machine

pfSense installation:
- plug in/replug a usb-keyboard when asked for configuring VLANs (no need to 
attach the ps2-y-cable to the location where you hardly can attach it with the 
board inside the case) and install from the livecd with monitor/usb-keyboard
- after bootup from hdd enable serial console at system>advanced in the webgui

With these settings/installprocedures the Nexcom 1041c is a great platform to 
run pfSense on!


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