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 Bill Plein wrote:
 Hello, all.

I am running RC2, and have just added a new set of queues in order to
put my Carbonite traffic into a low priority queue. I created my queues
by copying a queue configuration created by the Traffic Shaping wizard.
(by the way, Carbonite is a very cool and cheap offsite backup
utility... ). I just installed RC2 last night, embedded on WRAP.

Now, after creating qCarboniteUp, and seeing that my Carbonite backups
are flowing through this queue, I now get bad images in the RRD
graphing, and they say:

Failed to create graph with error code 1, the error is: ERROR: No DS
called 'qCarboniteUp' in '/var/db/rrd/wan-queues.rrd'

Where to go from here?

 I hope that I didn't miss any replies.

 RRD graphs are broken on my RC2 WRAP system. Seems to be related to a new
queue I created. Has anyone else seen the error I quoted?

This is a known problem.  You need to instruct the system to recreate
the RRD queues after changing their names.

To do so, rm -rf /var/db/rrd*

Then from exec.php's Execute PHP command box type in:


And click execute.


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