Diego Nieto Cid spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hello
> Today I've been unable to connect to the Freenode IRC network apparently
> because de SASL negotiation is failing.
> The last thing I see in the logs is (the rest is attached):
> (14:02:38) irc: Now trying with EXTERNAL CRAM-MD5 PLAIN ANONYMOUS
> (14:02:38) irc: Using SASL: EXTERNAL
> (14:02:39) connection: Connection error on 04A9C6B0 (reason: 2 description:
> Password incorrect)
> So it looks like Freenode started accepting the EXTERNAL mechanism which I
> don't know how to configure in Pidgin.

I don't think it can be.

After this failure, it doesn't go on to try CRAM-MD5 or PLAIN?


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