As of 9/20 Pidgin has been showing a 127-character long message that is
coming from my account every few seconds (i.e. the sender is same as the
account defined under Accounts, which is a gmail.com account)
The very first message was just 4 characters: c-hi
After this, every few seconds new IM pops up with the same 127-character
message. It starts with gcm_bg-  and the whole thing seems to be
I have hangouts installed on my other devices which uses the same account,
but no other IM clients.

When I pull info on this sender it lists things like:

Resource: MessagingXXXXXXXX   (have bunch of these with different numbers)
Priority: 0
Status: Away

Resource: UserXXXXXX  (This is the one sending the IMs)
Priority: 0
Status: Availble
Idle: 2 seconds

Resource: ##### (This seem to be associated with my Pidgin client)
Priority: 1
Status: Available
Client: Pidgin 2.10.9 (libpurple 2.10.9)

Is this something related to Google? Can I filter these IMs? Or can I
identify who the UserXXXXXX is?

Thank you.

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