Thank you for your reply. I am using the Oracle's instant messagerI tried to 
install it but I could not log in. 

Cece Wang

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On 13/02/18 21:54, Cece Wang wrote:
> My pidgin account does not work properly. I could not log in and it 
> keeps showing disconnected, also, I cannot see others in my buddy 
> list, could you help to solve the issue?

You don't have a pidgin account, as there is no such thing as a pidgin account. 
 You may have an account on Oracle's instant messaging server, which is 
probably XMPP based, but the people on this peer support list are not Oracle 
employees, or contractors, and have no access to this server.  They just get 
annoyed by every other support request being from an Oracle employee who cannot 
work out the proper place to get support for Oracle's infra-structure.

My standard response follows:

We are advised that people within the Oracle network can use 
<http://my.oracle.com/site/git/1591/index.htm> for more information; for 
outsiders, like us, it just redirects to the public home page.

Please explain to whoever should be supporting you why you went to the wrong 
place, and suggest how they could fix that in future.

> Thank you,
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