On 12/04/18 13:48, Hemantha Vasudevachar wrote:
Hi Team,

There is no team.  This is a public, peer support mailing list.

I have an enhancement request. Please add an option to send screenshot instantly from Pidgin (not attaching the file).

I'm not sure if Pidgin accepts wish list items, but if it does, the correct place to submit them would be the bug tracker. Even better would be to submit suitably licensed code patches.

There do seem to be some wish list reports there, with subjects prefixed "Wishlist:".

This mailing list is probably not particularly well frequented by people actively donating code.

PS. I presume that your mention of Jabber means that Oracle's internal server is an XMPP one. We get a lot of requests form Oracle employees, that should have gone to the people that maintain the server. Anything you can tell us about that server may help in future. I think we even had to guess it was XMPP.

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