The question is comparable to "what's the difference between 'I-95' and 'a 

SOCKS5 is a protocol.  TOR is a network that uses that protocol.

If you wanted to use SOCKS5, but not through TOR, you'd need another specific 
server that offers SOCKS5.

Yes, TOR is a more vast network than most SOCKS5 servers, but from a user 
perspective, it's one of any number of SOCKS5 servers that one can use.

On Thu, 12 Apr 2018 wrote:
> What's the difference between "TOR/Privacy (SOCKS5)" and "SOCKS5" in Pidgin 
> proxy settings?
> Where i can learn more about that? And can i use just SOCKS5 to connect 
> through TOR (, port 9050)?

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