Dear Colleagues,

the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Institute of
Electronic Music and Acoustics is offering a provisional position
beginning as soon as possible and lasting for a period limited to six
years with the option for an indefinite extension, for a

"Senior Scientist with a Doctorate for Audio Engineering and

with a tenure track option.

The particular duties that are involved in this position include
a) Independent research activities, aiming at a “habilitation”
b) Participation is essential in research projects, and in teaching and
administrative duties in the organizational unit to which you are
c) Participation in examinations
d) Participation in organizational and administrative duties, as well
as evaluation activities
e) Supervision of students
f) Independent teaching of courses and holding exams.

General Employment Requirements:
 Completion of the doctorate in an appropriate professional study
Special Employment Requirements:
a) Several years of academic research activity in the field of Audio
Engineering and Acoustics
b) Scholarly publication activity
c) Experience in developing and conducting research projects and
acquiring external funding
d) Pedagogical and didactical skill for excellent academic teaching and
scholarly teaching experience
e)  Ability to work in a team
f)  Gender competence
Interested candidates with the appropriate qualifications are invited
to submit their written application with the usual documentation before
the 07 March 2018
by e-mail in a PDF-file using the identification number 114/17 to:

For more details, please look at:

Best Regards
Robert Hoeldrich
Head of IEM

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