Also this, a sound field microphone to mount on top of a camera:


Seems like a short while ago that it was on their website looking more like a 
forthcoming product. 


Described as "Coming Soon". I did see a video, but it seems to have disappeared.

It looks like they may have dropped this concept for the time being. Presumably 
they had problems with the housing being near the capsules and quite large. As 
shown, it would have the body of the mic in the down position, so perhaps not 
too much of a problem.

It looked like an extension of 


with similar mounting, controls, and windshields, and (as I remember) sensible 
headphone monitoring.

I have one of these, and have been impressed.

An unusual looking microphone, but quality and very practical. 

Then, there's this



Dave Hunt

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> From: "Courville, Daniel" <courville.dan...@uqam.ca>
> Subject: [Sursound] Rode Soundfield NT-SF1
> Date: 11 April 2018 11:26:00 BST
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> This should be interesting...
> http://www.rode.com/nt-sf1
> https://vimeo.com/264158943

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