As the movie launching last week reminds us, *Edward Snowden’s
whistleblowing revealed the NSA’s massive, secret – and unconstitutional –
surveillance programs.*

He took a huge personal risk to bring these programs to light. And his
actions launched a vital national debate on whether the NSA should be
spying on innocent Americans.

But three years later, Snowden is still being forced to live in exile and
threatened with likely spending the rest of his life in prison if he ever
comes back to the country he loves.

*We have less than 125 days to push President Obama to officially pardon
this important American whistleblower.*

*Tell President Obama: Pardon Edward Snowden now!*

*Presidential pardons are about justice.* They are for when the legal
system has failed, or the laws are unjust or when our consciences demand

*Snowden made his sacrifice not for personal gain, but because he knew it
was the only real way to expose the unconstitutional spying programs he

So when the White House tries to claim Snowden “is not a whistleblower”1
because he didn’t follow the "proper" whistleblower process, they’re just
playing cynical word games.

*Intelligence contractors, like Edward Snowden, are NOT protected by the
Intelligence Community’s whistleblower protections. *The Intelligence
Community’s own lawyer, even admits it.2

Even had Edward Snowden followed the “proper” process, his whistleblowing
wouldn’t have been protected.

*Presidential pardons exist for exactly this kind of extraordinary
situation. It’s time that President Obama uses that power to recognize
Snowden’s public service.*

*Sign and share the petition to President Obama: Pardon Edward Snowden now
and let him come home!*

Snowden acted out of desperation and patriotism to inform Americans of the
unconstitutional mass surveillance the NSA was conducting.

Even former Attorney General Eric Holder agrees: “I think that he actually
performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by
the changes that we made.”3

*Snowden stood up for our rights. Now it’s time we stand up for his.*

*Stand up for Edward Snowden and tell President Obama: Three years is
enough. Pardon Snowden and bring him home!*

Thanks for standing with us,

The team at


1. Politico, “White House: Snowden 'is not a whistleblower',” September 14,
2. The Intercept, “Giving Intelligence Contractors Whistleblower
Protections Doesn’t Have to Be “Complicated”,” November 6, 2015
3. The Guardian, “Eric Holder says Edward Snowden performed 'public
service' with NSA leak,” May 30, 2016

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*“Hope is not the optimism that things will turn out right. Hope is the
soul’s deep orientation to what is right, no matter how things turn out.”**
       -Vaclav Havel*

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