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Published today (Tuesday, Sept 20th 2016) by Independent Science News

Why the Food Movement is Unstoppable

By Jonathan Latham, PhD

Synopsis: The food movement is increasingly a powerful force all over the
globe. This article identifies the key social and political components that
define it and distinguish it from other social movements. These features
include a low barrier to entry and broad social inclusiveness as well as
synergisms between previously disparate strands of social thought, such as
animal welfare and environmentalism. This unification of ideas—and the
coherence of the food movement in general—is explained as the result of its
adoption of a radical philosophy that rejects the major principles of
'enlightenment' thought. This rejection sets the scene for a major clash of
ideas with governments and commerce.

The essence of this philosophy is that the food movement conceives the proper
relations between organisms (including among humans) as being synergistic
rather than adversarial and as being largely mediated through food (i.e.
chemical energy). Importantly, it is no coincidence that a philosophy which
rejects divisiveness, violence, and oppression (and in fact rejects all
ideology) originates from the grassroots. The food movement therefore
conceptualizes our ecological and social and climate crises as all aspects of
a larger piece and from this follow solutions that are rational and coherent.
Since neither governments nor the traditional alternatives are seen as having
much apparently to offer, this now places the food movement in pole position.
Its rapid progress and some impressive victories are thus early evidence of
how opposition to the status quo is coalescing around food.....

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