I'm sure that most of you have used and enjoyed some portion of Ithaca's
beautiful waterfront trail that extends from Stewart Park behind the
Farmers Market, across the inlet and up to Cass Park.

*However, you may not be aware of Maguire's plans to build an Eight Acre
Car Dealership along the waterfront trail - near the Farmer's Market and
Community Gardens.  *

*Tonight at 6pm the City's Planning and Economic Development Committee will
be meeting to discuss the fate of this project.*

Earlier this year the City completed its Comprehensive Plan that creates a
vision for the City's future development.  The Waterfront area was
identified as a unique area  that should be developed for "mixed-use,
including commercial and housing, with an emphasis on uses that create an
active waterfront environment.... Developable space in the waterfront area
is at a premium, and reducing the impacts of parking in new development
should be carefully considered"

No matter how many trees or sidewalks Maguire proposes, their eight acre
new car parking lot is the antithesis of this vision.

*PLEASE come to Common Council Chambers at City Hall tonight at 6pm* *to
tell the City's Planning Committee members to reject Maguire's proposal and
to stand behind the Comprehensive Plan that the community supported.  *

The waterfront is a unique and special area with so much potential for
revitalization.  Make the waterfront great again. Don’t pave this potential
paradise to put up a new-car parking lot.

Irene Weiser
Brooktondale, NY

*Joy to the world*
*All the boys and girls*
*Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea*

*Joy to you and me.*

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