Governor Andrew Cuomo is moving forward with a plan to bail out old,
unprofitable nuclear power plants upstate to the tune of nearly $8 billion.
And he wants New Yorkers to pay for that bailout on their electricity

The governor says this move is about preserving jobs and fighting climate
change, but we know better. Our state deserves clean, affordable and
renewable energy. Governor Cuomo’s plan is like subsidizing the
horse-and-buggy industry while Henry Ford is rolling cars off the assembly
line. Nuclear energy is not our future -- it’s dirty, expensive and

Sign our petition to tell Governor Cuomo we don’t want another expensive
tax on our electricity bills to subsidize a dying nuclear industry.


If we don’t act now to stop the Cuomo Tax, billions of dollars from hard
working New Yorkers will go straight to nuclear plant owner Exelon, a
Chicago-based Fortune 100 company with annual revenues over $34 billion.
That’s one of the reasons why more than 50 groups have joined together to
halt this disastrous plan.

I know we can win this fight and lead New York into a 21st century
renewable future. Our work to defeat the Cuomo Tax starts with this
important petition:

Add your name to the petition to stop the Cuomo Tax and end the nuclear

Thank you,

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*“Hope is not the optimism that things will turn out right. Hope is the
soul’s deep orientation to what is right, no matter how things turn out.”**
       -Vaclav Havel*

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