Hi Irene

Apologies for resending the previous email.
Thanks for the question. Here is the letter I shared with Forest Home residents 
and some others. I have removed the name of the person it was addressed to.:

"If you had come to the meeting you would have discovered rather a different 
story than "no issues".
The health expert, Dr Bill Bailey, an editor of "Health Physics", claimed that 
the meter would fire "once or a few times per day" and would have a duration of 
a few milliseconds. After I tried to get clarification on this another NYSEG 
official said 24 times per day (under normal conditions) and a third said the 
daily duration would be three minutes. Dr Bailey did accept that the daily 
dose, of a meter functioning normally and at maximum power would give 53% of 
the FCC recommended acceptable limit. Many scientists believe (and he accepted 
this belief) that the FCC standard is ridiculously high. It basically assumes 
that the only possible harm from EMF is by heating, which is not what a very 
large body of research shows. In other words you may be about to get a very 
high dose, however, the NYSEG representatives at the meeting could not get 
their story straight and could not agree amongst themselves, even when pressed. 
Since the question of how much dose we will receive is rather a fundamental 
one, which Bailey came all the way from Maryland to explain, it was for me a 
very disturbing thing to find that senior NYSEG people had no idea what the 
doses would be and that Dr Bailey, who told us he sits on international safety 
committees of various kinds, low balled exposures by many orders of magnitude 
compared with what NYSEG told us. 

The NYSEG story unravelled in other ways too. One of the speakers expressly 
told us that NYSEG doesnt sell smart meter info, but I asked if they share it 
with third parties and yes, they do. 

Third, NYSEG told us they "dont keep personal information". But they do 
identify your meter (otherwise they couldnt bill you) and that info is linked 
to your name, address, etc, so this reassurance was entirely bogus. 

Fourth, Dr Bailey argued there was no evidence of smart phone harm to 
organisms, only cell phones. So I asked him what was the difference between 
smart meter emissions and cell phone emissions and he accepted there were none. 
Dr Bailey also never mentioned that the US National toxicology program has just 
completed a $25million study on cell phones and showed elevated cancer levels 
in male rats for cancers that are already associated in epidemiological studies 
with cell phones. This study.the largest ever done, was called by the American 
Cancer Society "a game changer".   I googled Dr Bailey just in responce to your 
email. He never told us this last night but he works for Exponent, Inc. 
Exponent are notorious defenders of corporations caught in scientific and PR 
disasters. Chevron in the Amazon, Dioxins, asbestos, and so forth. Exponent, to 
put it crudely, are professional liars.

The bottom line for me is that NYSEG and its representatives lied throughout 
the meeting on all the most important points at issue, scientific and otherwise.

I find that deeply disturbing.

I concur with Irene that NYSEG appeared disorganized, especially on the health 
aspects. I interpret this as meaning that NYSEG haven't seriously studied the 
risks, because they are engineers, and were relying on the imported Dr Bailey 
whose habit (coming from Exponent) is to lowball exposures, which rather took 
NYSEG by surprise. But this is just a guess, obviously.-J
On Aug 9, 2017, at 9:47 AM, Irene Weiser wrote:

> Hi Jonathan, Allison
> Thanks for your vigilance on this.  
> I think you probably know that I don't share your concerns on smart meters - 
> at least at this point I maintain the belief that they, in conjunction with 
> other grid improvements, have the potential to do more good than harm.
> That said - I think NYSEG has been abysmal in their presentation of 
> information and it certainly leads to suspicion of what they are doing.  And 
> I don't doubt that they are up to more than they are letting on.
> If you're willing to share - I'd like to see your remarks about their meeting.
> I came late to that technical meeting, but was appalled at how they conducted 
> themselves, how unprepared they were, etc... (they really couldn't even 
> figure out how to communicate w/people until I suggested getting email 
> addresses and circulated a pad because they were that upreppred!  Just nuts!)
> Irene Weiser
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> Joy to the world
> All the boys and girls
> Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
> Joy to you and me. 
> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 9:13 AM, Allison Wilson 
> <a.wil...@bioscienceresource.org> wrote:
> Dear Friends and Colleagues
> After going to a public meeting organised by NYSEG at the Tompkins County 
> library last month I started to wonder if smart meters were not going to be 
> the new fracking. You may recall that fracking was initially sold as a green 
> energy source and some people were initially persuaded. My concerns about 
> smart meters were greatly increased when NYSEG representatives lied to us at 
> the meeting about multiple aspects of their operations, including what NYSEG 
> would do with the household information they collected and the amounts of 
> EMFs people would receive. I shared my impressions of that meeting with 
> friends and neighbours (available on request).
> The documentary below about smart meters is available for public viewing but 
> only until Aug 11. I have seen it. It makes a strong case for not wanting a 
> meter and that their installation has nothing to do with green energy or 
> power efficiency, which these meters will do nothing for, but that the 
> driving forces are instead financial gains and the monitoring of people's 
> homes for commercial and non-commercial reasons. Most concerning of all 
> perhaps is that these smart meters are intended to prevent private energy 
> independence via renewables which would otherwise destroy NYSEG's business 
> model. As a biologist I also encourage people to take the health concerns 
> seriously. There is ample evidence from the scientific literature to be very 
> seriously concerned. I know this may seem like one more thing to worry about, 
> but the solutions are quite easy.
> The first step is to opt out of NYSEG's current installation program.
> Yours
> Jonathan Latham
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>>> Must-See Documentary Reveals Dangers of Smart Meters
>>> Must-See Documentary Reveals Dangers of Smart Meters
>>> The smart grid promised to enhance energy security, but in reality, 80 
>>> percent of households that received a sma...
>>> Did McCain's Brain Tumor Come From Cellphone Use?
>>> Did McCain's Brain Tumor Come From Cellphone Use?
>>> Another politician has been diagnosed with a brain tumor; could there be a 
>>> connection, and what does the latest ...
>>> http://tompkinsweekly.com/news/2017/07/31/nyseg-installs-first-smart-meters-ithaca-demo-project/
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