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On 8/2/2017 10:11 PM, Gay Nicholson wrote:
> Hello ST Friends,
> Sustainable Tompkins is glad to share with you our initial version of 
> a Sustainable Finger Lakes Map 
> <http://www.sustainablefingerlakes.org/>. *We are asking for your help 
> to make it as complete as possible before we go out into the larger 
> world with this new resource.*
> Some of you may remember the Tompkins Sustainability Map that we 
> created about 10 years ago to capture the ever-growing local 
> sustainability and social justice movement.  Unfortunately, that was 
> based on Flash Player, which is no longer supported. So we decided to 
> pilot a new regional map on a new platform that will let you find the 
> citizen groups, businesses, and agencies that are helping to guide our 
> region toward a more resilient economy, stronger democracy, and a 
> healthier regional ecosystem.
> Ever since the November election, I have been thinking about our need 
> to grow our movement across the entire region in order to influence 
> both economic and political outcomes in the next few years.  The Map 
> will be a tool for helping people see just how large and diverse our 
> movement is, support the businesses that are making a difference in 
> our shared future, and figure out where they would like to plug in and 
> help with the transition to a more secure, just, and stable way of 
> inhabiting this part of our planet.  The Map is just the first part of 
> a shared online platform for the regional movement that we'd like to 
> help create.
> Are you on the Map <http://sustainablefingerlakes.org>?  Is your 
> favorite green business on the Map 
> <http://sustainablefingerlakes.org/>?  How about that solar farm or 
> LEED Platinum building?  Or that bike advocacy group or that new 
> progressive action committee?
> Please look for the groups you are familiar with and if they aren't on 
> the Map, let me know!
> You can send an email to i...@sustainabletompkins.org 
> <mailto:i...@sustainabletompkins.org> with:
> Name
> Address
> Description
> Website
> Contact Email
> Phone
> and what categories and tags you think should be applied so that 
> others can find what you are recommending.  Tell us why your nominee 
> belongs on a sustainability map!
> ​
> ​ <http://sustainablefingerlakes.org>
> ​
> Gay
> --------------------------------------
> Gay Nicholson, Ph.D.
> President
> Sustainable Tompkins
> 309 N. Aurora St.
> Ithaca, NY 14850
> www.sustainabletompkins.org <http://www.sustainabletompkins.org>
> 607-533-7312 <tel:%28607%29%20533-7312> (home office)
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> 607-272-1720 <tel:%28607%29%20272-1720> (ST office)
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