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From: Joseph Huff-Hannon - Avaaz <av...@avaaz.org>
Date: Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 12:05 PM
Subject: If Trump fires Mueller
To: "irene32...@gmail.com" <irene32...@gmail.com>

This is nuts*: Trump is gearing up to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller
to crush the Russiagate investigation*! Avaaz is working with dozens of
groups on a mobilization plan if Trump makes this disastrous move. *Nobody
is above the law -- find an action near you:*

[image: sign] <https://secure.avaaz.org/MuellerRapidResponse3>

This is nuts*: Trump is gearing up to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller
to crush the Russiagate investigation*! Avaaz is working with dozens of
groups on a mobilization plan if Trump makes this disastrous move. *Nobody
is above the law -- find an action near you:*
PLEDGE TO JOIN! <https://secure.avaaz.org/MuellerRapidResponse3>
Dear friends,

This is nuts, but *Trump is clearly gearing up to fire the independent
official investigating Russia’s influence over the election* — if he does,
he’ll have delivered a death blow to one of the fundamental pillars of our

When he declares himself above the law in such a brazen and dangerous way,
we can and must answer with the largest national mobilization in history!

And it’s already being organized — with *over 600 events, thousands signed
up in advance and more than 25 national organizations supporting the
actions*. Let’s add our names now, and make sure the national reaction is
immediate and HUGE:

*CLICK HERE to get details on the plan*

Avaaz is partnering with MoveOn and over two dozen other major
organizations to *preemptively prepare for this constitutional crisis—with
rapid response actions across the US if Mueller is fired.* The message is
simple: "Nobody is above the law." We want headlines nationwide showing
that people in every city and State will hit the streets to defend our
democracy and the rule of law.

Over 100,000 have already RSVP'd -- let's double that and make sure there
are actions everywhere defending the investigation! *Click to find one near

*PLEDGE to join a "Nobody is Above the Law" action near you!*

When Mueller was first put in charge of the Russia investigation, he was
showered with bipartisan praise. An FBI director appointed by George W.
Bush, he's a highly respected former prosecutor at the Department of
Justice, overseeing dozens of prosecutions of organized crime and suspected
terrorists. He's a registered Republican!

But now that the investigation has landed guilty pleas from people in
Trump's inner circle, the president is freaking out -- and going on the
attack. News broke last week that he was *on the verge of firing Mueller,
along with the DOJ official who oversees him, to kneecap the investigation*.
His lawyers talked him out of it at the last minute -- but who knows how
long Trump will heed heir advice.

In the meantime GOP leaders in Congress are refusing to allow a vote on a
bill that would protect the investigation from unilateral White House
action. And *as Mueller digs deeper into Trump's finances and possible
obstruction of justice*, the risk that Trump will snap and fire him
increases daily.

*So here's the plan*: If Trump fires Mueller before 2:00 pm local time on
any given day, Avaaz members will join MoveOn and allies in the streets at
5:00 pm local time that same day. If news breaks later, we'll rally at noon
the following day. The scale of our response in the hours following a
Saturday Night Massacre style move from Trump will drive the national media
narrative, and put incredible pressure on Congress to hold Trump
accountable. *Our democracy depends on it! Sign up now*:

*PLEDGE to join a "Nobody is Above the Law" action near you!*

Our globe spanning community is no stranger to standing up to strongmen:
our Turkish colleague Özlem recently spent months in prison on trumped up
charges for exercising her basic right to assembly. We fought hard to get
her out, and we'll keep going up against authoritarianism everywhere, and
increasingly in the US, until we have the fair, functioning democracies we
need to solve the multiplying global crises coming at us fast and quick.


Joseph, Dalia, Nick, Morgan, Rewan, Emma and the whole Avaaz team

*More information*:

Nobody Is Above the Law—Mueller Firing Rapid Response: MoveOn.org

Republicans Show Little Urgency on Legislation to Protect Mueller (New York

Nearing the end game: The 6 phases of Trump’s plan to fire Robert Mueller

It’s Now Likely Mueller Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice (Politico)

House Republicans are shamefully doing Trump's dirty work by vowing to
'release the memo' (Los Angeles Times)

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