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Date: Feb 18, 2018 3:14 PM
Subject: Intersectional Activist Christopher Sebastian on Meat, Money &
Minorities Cornell 2/22 at 4:30
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Lecture at Cornell this Thursday from 4:30 - 6:30, by Intersectional
Activist Christopher Sebastian entitled: Meat, Money, & Minorities: How
Animal Agriculture Disproportionately Harms Poor Communities of Color.

It will be held in Klarman Auditorium (KG70).

The victims beyond the slaughterhouse are impoverished communities and
minorities. This talk is the abridged version of Sebastian's class on
power, oppression, and privilege at Columbia University where participants
learn how anti-black racism and class discrimination are related to animal
cruelty, and how incorporating animal rights and food empowerment into a
broader socio-political agenda creates meaningful justice for all persons.

Also hear why the mainstream animal rights movement's focus on food choices
absent of the inclusion of an intersectional  socio-political platform is
just consumer capitalism for hobbyists.

Free Pizza Provided!

Sponsored by: Africana Studies and Research Center, Cornell Students for
Animal Rights, Cornell Vegan Society, Student Activities Funding
Commission, Cornell Environmental Collaborative, Dr. Renne Alexander,
Latino Living Center.

If you can, help spread the word from this FB event page:

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