A lot of people are asking how they can become more involved in fighting
climate change and the inevitable weather catastrophes that are coming our
way. The most important thing we can all do, of course, is cut down on our
own consumption -- of everything, but especially energy in our homes,
businesses, and transportation methods.

Critically, we must force governments to swiftly implement drastic changes
to the way they do business as well.

That includes, on the state level, demanding immediate action from Governor
Cuomo, who hides behind a veneer of being a clean energy champion (along
with California governor Jerry Brown) while simultaneously courting Big
Energy and allowing all sorts of fracking infrastructure
("InFrackStructure") to proliferate around our beautiful state, fracturing
human and Nature communities, ecosystems, and lives.

On April 23 we need a massive number of New Yorkers to join us in Albany
for what's being billed as Cuomo Walk the Talk, a march and rally
accompanied by nonviolent civil disobedience, or CD, for which some people
are likely to be arrested. You can participate in the CD or not, as you

But please do join the march. Bring friends and family members.

*The demands: *

*   Stop Infrackstructure!*

*   Renewable Energy Now!*
*   Make Polluters Pay!*

Maybe your group would like to host an art build -- where people get
together to make signs and banners with your personalized messages to the

I also urge you and your organizations NOT to sign onto the flawed bill
known as "Climate and Community Protection Act," which some NGOs in the
planning group are pushing. Read more about why it's a bad bill here
There is a much better bill here

See the message below from my colleague Doug Couchon about how you can sign
up for the April 23 events and join a training in Elmira on the 17th to
participate in CD on A23.

Maura Stephens
Coalition to Protect New York <http://www.facebook.com/CPNewYork>
FrackbustersNY <http://www.frackbustersny.org>
Independent <http://www.maurastephens.com> journalist and educator
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Dear friends,

Please RSVP for the Elmira "Cuomo: Walk the Talk on Climate" civil
disobedience (CD) training: *https://www.facebook.com/events/1932448423473465/

The "Cuomo: Walk the Talk on Climate" series of actions planned for April 23
in Albany is three weeks away. I urge you to attend for the sake of
everyone living in our state. The scourge of fracking infrastructure will
spare no one, including us and our families, and will prolong our
dependence on climate warming fossil fuels
​ while delaying the emergence of renewable energy​

*Sign up to attend​ April 23 events here​:* *CuomoWalkTheTalk.org
<http://cuomowalkthetalk.org/> *

The day will kick off at Noon and consist of three stages; a march, a rally
at the Capitol steps, and an optional civil disobedience (CD) action.

*Why a civil disobedience action?* To hold Governor Cuomo's feet to the
fire on climate change
​, i.e., ​to save lives,

​ problems and ​avoid  multiple hardships for New Yorkers
. To make sure
 walks his talk. To ensure that he hears and understands our demands:

   - Stop all fracking infrastructure projects
   - Move to 100% renewable energy beginning now
   - Make corporate polluters pay

*If you would like to join the CD action* but are uncertain, feel free to
contact me for more context or details.
​ I am experienced in CD and may be able to help.​

*The CD Training session for Central New York​ and the Southern Tier​* is
being held in Elmira on Tuesday, April 17 from 6:
0-9:00 PM. The training is intended
​ those who:

   - plan to engage in CD


   - would like to support
   ​a person engaged in CD​
    directly in some way (hold personal items, drive person home, or just
   be there).

*NOTE:* If you decide to participate in CD or to support someone who is,
you must receive training related to this particular action.

*​About this CD action:* ​The CD aspect of "Cuomo: Walk the Talk on
Climate" will be peaceful and nonviolent. We anticipate that the police
will be respectful to those they arrest and process. If you plan to risk
arrest you will need to use your own vehicle or arrange other
transportation home, perhaps through carpooling. The busses depart from
Albany at 5:00 PM. Police processing will take us beyond 5:00 PM. Details
of the action itself will be provided at the training.

*Facebook sign-up for the Elmira Training:

If you do not use Facebook, just confirm your intended participation by
responding to this message.

*Make sure to sign up for​ the​ CD ​action at:  CuomoWalkTheTalk.org
<http://cuomowalkthetalk.org/> *

Looking forward to seeing
​many of
you at the Elmira
​CD T​
raining at The Park Church, 208 W. Gray St., Elmira, NY 14901
on April 17 from 6:
0-9:30 PM:
<https://www.google.com/maps/@42.089156,-76.808857,15z> *

Doug Couchon

For more information about sustainability in the Tompkins County area, please 
visit:  http://www.sustainabletompkins.org/
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