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Earth Day Ithaca 2018

Tompkins Weekly    4-9-18

By Joey Diana Gates

Earth Day Ithaca 2018 is happening on…Earth Day! This year we will be
commemorating on Sunday, April 22 from noon to 6 p.m., again at the Space @
GreenStar, again hosted by Sustainable Tompkins. Our theme this year will
be looking at how the arts frame, express and shape the environmental and
now sustainability movement.

Through the distillations and recreations of our experiences, artists tell
our stories and offer us a chance at new insight. We are blessed in this
area to be surrounded by many artists with different perspectives on our
relationship with the environment, who will be sharing their art and work
with us as we celebrate our planet and home. We will be welcoming familiar
faces we’ve come to know and love through the years, as well as several new
ones through tabling and outreach, alongside artisans with eco-minded
displays, hands-on activities and/or mini-workshops. We invite artists in
the greater community to share their work at this year’s Earth Day event.
This invitation is open to all ages, young and old alike. Sharing your
artwork provides an opportunity to help inspire others to participate as we
all take on challenges of pollution that are threatening our worlds healthy
ecosystems and in turn our own well-being! Let’s change the world together.

While a more detailed schedule will be available soon on the Sustainable
Tompkins website, the following is a rundown of the day. From noon to 3
p.m. we will be having traditional tabling with light, acoustic music.
Joining us will be performance artists Hector Canonge, James Leonard, and
others who want to know what you think about sustainability. They will be
working diligently to preserve the broken remains of everyday objects from
our culture. At their exhibit, you can share what you think is worth
keeping and what you think needs to change through interactive art making.
Painter Lachlin Chambliss will take over the back wall of the Space to
invite us to join him in co-creating a community climate mural. Lachlan is
known for his beautiful mural, “Portals to Peace,” located in downtown
Ithaca near Cinemapolis. Sarah Gotowka will be offering a weaving workshop
where participants will learn how to make a tapestry loom from recycled
cardboard. All materials will be provided but feel free to bring old
t-shirts to cut and weave into your own unique up-cycled tapestry! Where do
our clothes come from? Sarah asks us.

Also among our exhibitors is the newly revitalized Tompkins County Green
Party, Mothers Out Front and the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, who have
diligently worked on lake invasive species and toxic algae blooms over the
past year. Sandy Wold, with whom I got my Earth Day start when she brought
it back to Ithaca in the 90s, will be challenging us to go vegan for 10 to
30 days. It will be a busy marketplace of ideas, conversation as well as a
chance to use our creativity and hands. Accompanying our endeavors will be
musicians Ryan Clover, Jesse Youngquist and Nora Starr, Aria Tiphereth and
Rena Guinn.

Starting at 3 p.m., Barbara Mink will open the stage with a look at the
artist’s role in social change, followed by poetry and literary readings as
well as more musical pieces that connect art & sustainability. Sasha Paris,
who performed at the Earth Jam Poetry slam a few years back, will return
for a set and Denise O’Leary will debut a piece called Surge. Hip-hop
artists Remanu Steele and Truth Speaker will offer us their spin on things.
Truth Speaker has earned a National Achievement Award in Language Arts and
has written and co-produced his own feature video and performed for local
and national audiences. Working to create positive-conscious music formats,
creative literary and artistic works, Truth Speaker incorporates themes
including peace, non-violence, human rights, climate change, renewable
energy, sustainability and sustainable development. Dr. Tim Harris will be
giving us an update on the Youth Climate Challenge followed by a set from
singer and songwriter Joe Crookston.

At 4:30 p.m we will be presenting the annual Signs of Sustainability
awards. Have you voted yet? Simply go to and
find the link there to the online survey. You can vote up to five times for
a mix of your favorite sustainability heroines and heroes. Polls will close
on April 12. Nominations can be made in four categories (Individual, Youth,
Organization, Business) and voters are asked to note which sectors were
impacted, and to provide contact information for their nominee. At 5 p.m.
we’ll close out the day with the tradition of the One Heart Drum Circle
keeping the beat. A more detailed schedule will be available soon at <>, and we do have
openings for one or two more performers. Contact Joey at or call (607) 644-5525 for more information.

Many thanks to Beck Equipment, Taitem Engineering, Words into Deeds, and
the Sustainability Center for sponsoring Earth Day Ithaca and our Signs of
Sustainability Awards.

* Joey Diana Gates is the proprietor of Solar Systems Unlimited and the
project coordinator for Dish Truck.*

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