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In a time of record-shattering hurricanes, with our federal government
bought and sold by the fossil fuel industry, states like New York must step
up and fight climate change. But Governor Andrew Cuomo is effectively all
talk - and too little action.

That’s why on April 23rd, New Yorkers from across the state are descending
on Albany to tell Governor Cuomo to *walk the talk on climate*. (There are
free buses from all over the state!) From Rochester to Rensselaer, Buffalo
to Brooklyn, we will join forces to demand 3 bold actions to fight climate
change, create jobs, and ensure justice for all:

   - Stop all fracking infrastructure projects
   - Move to 100% renewable energy
   - Make corporate polluters pay

*There has never been a climate march this big at the Capitol in Albany.
RSVP now for a bus from your community to be there on April 23rd.

Governor Cuomo says New York is a “leader” on climate change; that it is
“gross negligence” not to address climate change; and that he’s taken
“decisive action.” In reality, the level of New York’s climate pollution is
virtually unchanged since he took office in 2011. *O**nly 3% of New York’s
electricity comes from wind and solar.* Fracked gas infrastructure like
pipelines and power plants are being built across the state. And New York
is utterly failing to address the nearly 80% of our climate pollution that
comes from cars, trucks, and buildings.

So, this Earth Day, it’s time for Governor Cuomo to:


   *Stop all fracked gas infrastructure*, including pipelines, power
   plants, and compressor stations. They poison local communities, and further
   shackle New York to decades more of dirty fossil fuels. If it’s dangerous
   to frack in New York, then it’s just as bad to import fracked gas from
   neighboring states.

   *Move rapidly to 100% renewable energy*, with a just transition that
   creates thousands of good, union jobs, and ensures resources are
   prioritized to those communities most vulnerable to climate change,
   especially low-income and communities of color. If Governor Phil Murphy of
   New Jersey can commit to 100%, so should Cuomo.

   *Make corporate polluters pay* for the pollution they dump into our
   atmosphere, which damages our health and destabilizes our climate. Then use
   the money to fund an equitable transition to 100% renewables.

We have the power to make all three of these things happen in New York, but
it’s going to take absolutely all of us.

*RSVP today to join us in Albany by bus (or on your own) for what will be
the biggest climate march in our capital ever by our growing movement.

We will start with an energetic, family friendly march to the Capitol and
then pack the building with our collective power, followed by an (optional)
opportunity to participate in civil disobedience nearby. More details on
the day of the march will be available soon.

Please help spread the word about this historic march. Brave climate
leadership isn’t going to come from Washington. It’s going to come from us,
if we step up and make our Governor work for the people and the climate.

*See you on April 23rd** at the State Capitol!*

Irene Weiser
Brooktondale, NY

*Joy to the world*
*All the boys and girls*
*Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea*
*Joy to you and me. *[image: 🐸]

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