There is also apparently some very legitimate concern
regarding (unknown) health aspect of human consumption
of GM soybeans since China tends to directly consume
soy protein rather than "running it through livestock"
first as we do in the US. Even the Chinese leadership
must have some strong reservations about feeding their
population a foodstuff that while it looks like a
traditional not on the molecular level. I
suppose though that much of this concern will abate
when they get what they want "diplomatically
speaking". We don't know for certain (or even close
enough for my comfort) if GM foodstuffs are "safe" for
human consumption...and the studies run by the labs
that were funded by those that had the most to gain
that "proved" they were are of less value than the
human studies we are currently running that have shown
that they are unfit for "some humans" consumption.

Don't the Japanese have a similar policy on GM
soybeans Keith?


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