I understand, what you are talking about, and while I do have a 20 gig hard
drive in my computer, I also have a number of hobbies and interest. For each
of these, I may be on up to 3 or 4 list ( or more ), with a mail box for
each, with further break down of boxes for specific info, that I want to
categorize.  For example: My wife and I share the same e-mail address, so we
both have our own separate folders.

Within my folder I have a number of folders to include one for Research, in
Research, I have a folder for energy. In the energy folder I have
sub-folders for Bio-energy, Bio-fuel, Digestion, Energy Options, Fuel cells,
Gasification, Thermoelectric, and Wastewatts.  These are all groups that I'm
am or have been a member of, or specific types of energy production.  A
rough total for all of these folders is 8,500 e-mails ( and that is not
including sub-folders even within these ), I know for a fact that in another
primary subject folder, I have over 10,000 e-mails ( and that is not
including the e-mails in over a hundred sub-folders in that general
category ).

While allot of info is good, stuff that will not be of use three days, a
week, a month from now really does not need to be saved.  If I know that I
will not be able to attend a biofuel making seminar that is coming up next
month, why save it when I need the disk space for other things, that will be
of indefinite use?  If one person post a link to a good web site, I can save
space by going to the web site and down loading the page, than saving the
post with the link, and the thirty comments that fallow it ( unless there is
info wrong on the site ).

At times I may receive 500+ e-mails a day ( this is really true if two or
more list get a hot topic at the same time ), and if I did not go through
and wholesale delete some things that I don't have interest in ( or is of no
use to me ) I would run out of disk space in a hurry.

If I could, I would crop many of the post I get, down to just the info I
need ( like highlighting  the relevant parts of a text book ), but my e-mail
program won't let me do that ( in fact I don't know of any program that
would / could do that ).

Greg H.

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Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 07:23
Subject: Deleting - Re: [biofuel] Politics and Biofuels

> Not picking on you, lots of people talk of deleting posts - but why?
> I know a few people still use low-capacity hard-disks, but for most
> disk capacity isn't a problem, with 10, 20, 40, 80 and more gigabyte
> disks standard now for some while, and fast machines that handle
> large amounts of data in no time. I regularly ask people please to
> crop irrelevant stuff (and multiple footers!) from their posts, but
> that's to save bandwidth, not disk space, and out of consideration
> for members with slow and/or expensive connections (often the case in
> 3rd World countries) and perhaps old gear.
> IMO it makes more sense to keep all posts. Deleting them is judging
> in advance what you may find useful later, and as an
> info-professional of long standing I can tell you that's not a
> judgment you can make with any assurance.
> A major advantage of subject-specific mailing lists like this one is
> that you quickly build up a considerable onboard information resource
> - your own database on biofuels. This list's database is a fabulous
> resource, I use it all the time, so do many others. (And it sure adds
> a little much-needed perspective to those few who complain that all
> we do here is discuss "off-topic political crap", LOL!) You don't
> build up much in the way of resources if you keep deleting stuff.
> With a computer it doesn't really matter what's there, it doesn't
> take perceptibly longer to search 20Mb than 10Mb, and the more that's
> in there the more depth and breadth it has, and the better your
> search results will be.
> Your email program should be able to do a full-text search of a
> mailbox. That is, you create a mailbox for the Biofuel list, call it
> "Biofuel", and set a filter to send all incoming messages with the
> header "To: <>" to that mailbox. If your
> emailer can't do that, and do a proper search, get one that can.
> After a month the mailbox gets a bit full, so make a new one for the
> next month and put last month's one in a folder on your hard disk,
> which you can search with a full-text search program.
> This mkakes the best use of the information you're receiving, and it
> will also improve your experience of mailing lists, and of Internet
> communications generally. And it's a lot easier than hitting the
> Delete button all the time.
> By the way, your emailer also should be able to sort messages by date
> (usually the default), by name of sender, and by subject, which makes
> everything much easier. If you don't have a capable emailer you're
> getting a keyhole view of what mailing lists are all about.

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