I also have a little PC game habit, and while the habit is little, the games
are not ( strategic & tactical sim. type games ).  :-P  And like I said
before, I am sharing the computer with the wife, and she has her own agenda
( which does not include getting rid of outdated stuff ).

Greg H.

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> Hi Greg
> Sounds familiar... I know you're not a novice at this, and we're on
> many of the same lists, so I know you get around. And I don't want to
> suggest that you change the system you've developed.
> But (you knew that was coming, eh? - LOL!) there are a couple of
> things that still don't add up for me. I imagine your machine's as
> fast and capable as mine is, more or less - probably not much in it.
> Your HD is 20Gb, mine's 40Gb, but it doesn't make any difference, my
> disk is still three-quarters empty - it says "8.50 Gb on disk for
> 73,519 items", very many of which contain many more items, I've no
> idea how many altogether. Apart from mailing lists, other
> correspondence and the databases I mentioned, there's also a rather
> large website, with its own large set of info databases, and
> correspondence, and yet another such for Journey to Forever itself
> (the project rather than the website). And a whole bunch of other
> stuff, including a digital library with a couple of thousand books
> (and sort-of books) in it, plus a lot of journalism stuff. I get
> 600-800 emails a day, a lot of that being feedback for Journey to
> Forever, which needs response and proper management. But I never
> delete anything. Do you really need to save space? Do you have a good
> full-text search program?
> Best wishes
> Keith

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