Thanks for the kind words. I suffered from the incorrect assumption 
that most of the folks here are Americans. I have now been educated. 
I am as susceptible to the temptation to discriminate as anyone, 
perhaps more so since I am American. I try not to discriminate, and I 
try hard to see others points of view. I have found that no matter 
how much I disagree with certain opinions voiced here and elsewhere, 
there is certainly some degree of truth in them for me to consider.

My reference to calling someone stupid was in response to something I 
read here to the effect that our president, G.W. Bush is stupid due 
to the excessive amounts of diet soda he drinks and the associated 
physiological effects of the aspartame contained in it. Or at least I 
thought that's what I read. Looking back through the posts, I cannot 
find that particular statement - so maybe I misunderstood. (But there 
is the problem - I cannot easily search through these posts to find 
that reference.) The statement wasn't referring to anyone here as 
stupid, but I do not believe that GW Bush is stupid. There appear to 
be those here who do, primarily it seems because they disagree with 
his policies. My point was, that while I disagreed with almost every 
policy and decision made by former President Clinton, I don't believe 
he is stupid. Referring to someone as stupid because you disagree 
with their opinions and policies is discrimination in my mind. I 
think it is quite difficult to become the president of the USA 
without being intelligent.

As for e-mail - the only reliable e-mail I have is at work and is 
mainframe computer based. It cannot handle the volume of messages 
generated by this discussion group. My only access is online - which 
is painfully slow.


--- In biofuel@yahoogroups.com, Hakan Falk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear Greg Birky,
> The only time I know of somebody called something stupid it
> was me and about Dom Amato's discriminating view of
> immigrants. I was upset and as I said, I do not normally use
> this word. I stand for my opinion  and if you want hear that
> word again, just express a similar view that contains
> racism or other discrimination and I will repeat it. Judging your
> balanced posting, I think it will be hard for you to do.
> Education and ignorance have nothing to do with discrimination,
> on the contrary, it is often something that you hear from people
> that regard themselves as educated and superior.
> I think that you are right, you came in at an atypical time, a very
> unique situation in the normal discussions on the board.
> Hakan

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