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> The "Greenhouse effect", "global warming" and ice age is all 
> Our production of the greenhouse gases "MAY" have speeded up a 
> process but it didn't cause it.  The bottom line is that it doesn't
> matter.  The chain reaction has already started and nothing that we 
> at this point will stop or even slow down the climate change.
> Discussing the cause is really a waste of time.
> 73


We are presently in an interglacial, and many experts believe our 
climate should be in an overall cooling trend right now, not a 
warming one.

Regardless, over the time of a human lifespan, you are correct in 
stating that nothing we can do will stop or slow climate change. Over 
the span of several generations, though, we can slow and stop human 
induced climate change.

Assume humanity went cold turkey today and stopped spewing GHG's into 
our thin fragile garbage sewer otherwise referred to as the 
atmosphere.  The GHG's we have been emitting until now will continue 
to dissipate into the atmosphere for a first century.  The 
atmosphere's GHG saturation curve will continue to climb during this 
period, the global mean temperature along with it.  It will then 
stabilize and the curve will flatten for a second century.  During 
the 3rd century post-today, the curve will decline as the CO2 is 
absorbed by the oceans.

Our positive actions will not affect our world in our lifetimes.  We 
are making selfless decisions for the betterment of our descendants' 
lives 300 years from now.


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