Todd and Bob,
    I'm was thinking of this message from Walt Patrick:

The relevant part, is this paragraph:

    "Another nifty patent to come down the pike involves using a 36 volt arc to
decompose a solution of some organic in water producing syngas. Because of
the presence of a carbon material, the plasma from the arc generates not a
mix of H2 and O2, but rather H2 and CO. Whereas the former is explosive,
the latter is not and can be stored for later conversion to methanol, which
in turn can be used as an automotive fuel."

I am thinking that it should be possible to use a glycerin / water solution to 
produce syngas and from there catalyze it to methanol, without the use of high 
temps or bacteria.

Greg H. 


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Subject: Re: [biofuel] Making Methanol from Glycerin ( was Re: Biodiesel 
Glycerin-to-Methanol Condensor plans )

You can always ferment glycerol into ethanol, that is if you don't mind
working with the strains of botulinum bacteria necessary to get high

And yup. You probably could get methanol from glycerol, if the appropriate
fractionating and pressurization equipment were available.

He would need a chemical engineer on this one.

Todd Swearingen

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  From: bob allen 
  Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 14:45
  Subject: Re: [biofuel] Making Methanol from Glycerin ( was Re: Biodiesel 
Glycerin-to-Methanol Condensor plans )

  no problem in principle.   Any  starch/sugar/cellulosic material can be 
  thermally degraded to  to a mixture of gases  and light liquids.(often 
  referred to as destructive distillation)  Catalytic reforming should 
  yield methanol.  The only problem, an engineering feat rather than a 
  chemical problem would be optimizing yield.  On an industrial scale, you 
  only get about a 50 % energy return going from green timber to 
  methanol.  A bacterial fermentation may also be possible to produce 
  methanol or other alcohols from glycerol. 

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