Greetings Bob

Fancy meeting you here! LOL! What a world, eh? It sure does have its 
brighter moments.

Folks, this young feller Bob Molloy and I worked together at the Cape 
Times in Cape Town 27 years ago just before I left South Africa, and 
it was a real delight to get an email from him a few days ago, after 
all this time. He used to live in a cottage all by itself on one of 
the more beautiful beaches in the world. Four years ago when we 
started this project we were living on another of the more beautiful 
beaches in the world.

(But Hout Bay's better! And so was your cottage - the Beach House on 
Lantau was a ramshackle old wreck.)

>Jumping in here as a total newbie (and in reply to the Kim and Garth Travis
>on the best bolthole during the coming Ice Age) why not think of New
>Zealand? The world's best kept secret is an English-speaking high-tech
>liberal democracy located on a group of three major islands in the Pacific,
>with a population of four million in a land area the size of the British
>Isles (pop. 60m). Green, clean and pristine, with scenery to die for - Lord
>of the Rings was shot here - the climate ranges from semi-tropical to

You're right, by all accounts. That movie had Americans calling their 
travel agencies trying to book a holiday in Rivendell. And now you've 
gone and told them where it is!

>PS: forget bio-diesel, look at methane gas. A clean burning fuel that runs
>any petrol engine with but minor modifications, easily transported in old
>rubber car tubes, is available free from any city garbage dump (and your own
>household septic tank if you have one) and can be generated in your own
>backyard by digging a large hole and filling it with animal/human faeces
>and/or green vegetation. For more information try Brian at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Or here:

Put a chicken in your tank

Methane Digesters For Fuel Gas and Fertilizer -- With Complete 
Instructions For Two Working Models

Nepal Biogas Plant -- Construction Manual

Jean Pain: France's King of Green Gold

And loads more to come.

But you don't see people doing it, do you? Lots of people visit those 
pages, lots of inquiries all the time about Bate's chicken car, but 
it never seems to go any further.

Same with woodgas:

Millions of vehicles used woodgas in Europe and elsewhere in WW2, but 
now? A few demos, that's all.

Anyway, don't forget biodiesel, nor any of these technologies - it's 
often said here that there's no one-size-fits-all solution for 
biofuels, bio-energy or alternative/renewable energy, a rational 
energy future will need them all, in whatever combinations best fit 
the circumstances. I'm sure that's right.




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