I made a liter last week of biodiesel with an old blender,it was fun.now 
I'm building the 5 gallon processor wich it will be ready next week....next it 
will be the 55 gallons processor and just reading from Keith Addison a learned 
all this and keep learning....there isn't such a best processor,the one you 
make it will be the best processor.

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  Hello Bob

  >Thanks for your speedy reply.
  >What about Biodiesel Solutions, which is endorsed by Joshua Tickell?

  :-/ Now how did I know you were going to say that? I suppose it might 
  have something to do with the fact that Rudi Weidegger (who makes the 
  odious FuelMeister) is good at marketing himself, if at little else, 
  and so is Joshua.

  Re Joshua, here's part of a previous exchange about this:

  >>>>My question is, why is Joshua Tickell pimping for Rudi's FuelMeister
  >>>>joke? What is he getting out of it?
  >>>Good question - harsh word though, pimping. Maybe Joshua doesn't 
  >>>know from processors. Previously he was hailing the Argentinian 
  >>>processors as good news, and that they're not.
  >>You are right that "pimping" is quite harsh, and possibly the wrong word
  >>to use,
  >:-) Others have been harsher.
  >>but I have a problem with Joshua Tickell, who for many, seems to
  >>be the official spokesperson for the grassroots biodiesel movement
  >There have been some harsh words about that too.
  >>endorsing processor equipment that is way over priced and looks as
  >>though it could be ineffective at making quality biodiesel. As you
  >>stated he just might not really know from processors. And, I would
  >>question, does he care?
  >Hm. I'm quite sure that Joshua cares about biodiesel, let's put it that way.
  >>With all the processor designs on your web site, possibly a person who
  >>considers themselves incapable of plumbing together a processor could
  >>hire someone to do it for them (local plumber?), and still come out way,
  >>way, way cheaper than any pre-bought system.

  Yes indeed, much cheaper and much better.

  This cost about $100:

  It's WAY superior to any of these allegedly ready-to-use for-sale 
  things. As for Rudi's junk, instead of improving the thing so it 
  might get within spitting distance of doing even a half-assed job, 
  he's now supplying add-ons instead, at a 400% markup, so it now costs 
  $4,300 with an extra tank and a heater, which should be standard, not 
  extra. You could make an excellent processor plus more than 8,000 
  gallons of high-quality biodiesel for that price.

  So what exactly is wrong with the thing? Quicker to ask what's right 
  with it - nothing. But, please, do yourself a favour and spend some 
  time reading through this stuff here, previous discussion on the 

  If that's all a bit much at first you can start with these:

  Re: Now here's a nice little joke

  Re: Off-the-Shelf Processors

  (When you access the messages, if you hit on "Click here for more on 
  this subject" you get a clickable table of the whole thread.)

  Nobody here has an axe to grind (except the guy who keeps saying "Why 
  do you have a problem with the FuelMeister?" only it turns out he 
  sells them). We'd all just love to see a good ready-made that did a 
  good job at a reasonable price, but, as I said in the first place, 
  there isn't such a thing, sad to say.

  So much for the "processor", but it turns out the "process" is as bad 
  or worse - the instructions Rudi sends out with the FuelMeister not 
  only ensure poor quality, they're dangerous:

  Originally posted by girl Mark

  >Obviously, the FuelMeister will cost you an extra $3,000-$4,000 for 
  >a reactor made of some really crappy materials, and if you were to 
  >follow their instructons you'd make an inferior product instead of 
  >'biodiesel' (there's no way to make ASTM-grade biodiesel following 
  >their instructions, they've brought back the Dark Ages of methanol 
  >skimping among other things, including suggestions that you should 
  >wear a solvent respirator (there's no such thing for that works 
  >against methanol!!!!!!!!!!) and that you should open the lid of your 
  >reactor and evaporate a bunch of the excess methanol into your 
  >house/garage/work space after the reaction (duh!) oh and there's a 
  >recommendation to sniff your unwashed (ie very much 
  >methanol-containing) biodiesel as a sort of quality test -using your 
  >nose to test for excess methanol).
  >Since they're counting on the fact that their customers probably 
  >aren't already homebrewing, and want to buy something without going 
  >through the process of learning it on their own, most of their 
  >customers won't know the hazards or shortcomings of the processes 
  >they're buying...
  >by the way there's no filter for methanol that you can buy, and the 
  >fact that the FuelMeister claims that they have one in their reactor 
  >is an absolute travesty.

  And now for the good news? Not yet, more bad news first - you seem to 
  value Joshua's judgment. It's kind of telling that Joshua now 
  endorses Rudi's processor. I got a letter from him explaining why, 
  and I'm afraid it rather confirms the widespread doubts and 
  questions at the time. Well, to each his own... only that's not the 
  case here, both of them claim to be leading the way, but the 
  direction's all wrong.

  Joshua's book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, is four years out of 
  date and a lot of it's plain wrong anyway. There's been conjecture 
  over where he got his information  from, and some good guesses, but 
  whatever, it's drawn from a very narrow knowledge base, and omits all 
  the work and new findings of the last four years, which have seen 
  tremendous developments in small-scale biodiesel technology. And 

  You're much better off here and at Journey to  Forever, though I say 
  it myself (we run Journey to Forever). I don't mind saying it myself: 
  the biodiesel information at Journey to Forever is up-to-date, it's 
  not just our own work (though there's a  lot of that), it's also a 
  compilation and distillation of the work, discoveries, investigations 
  and discussions of thousands of people on this list over the last 
  four years, and of work done elsewhere.

  Using those resources as your foundation, this list for guidance, and 
  its huge archives for further reference, you really can't go wrong.

  Please see this previous message about Joshua:

  I must say I'm getting more than a little fed up with these guys who 
  not only jump on the biodiesel bandwagon but try to hijack it for the 
  own benefit and aggrandizement. Yeah, Chris and others I've chided 
  for being perhaps a little harsh, I apologise, I take it all back. A 
  self-promoter pimping for a charlatan would seem to be about right. 
  They're a waste of time, and worse. There are those who feel Joshua 
  held back the homebrew biodiesel movement for years, Rudi's doing the 
  same, and now they're in it together. I won't argue with that.

  So, now, finally, the good news? Sure... You don't need the likes of 
  Rudi and Joshua and their iffy offerings. You've come to the right 
  place, you'll find everything you need right here, willingly given, 
  free of charge, good information, good advice, and help and 
  assistance from experienced biodieselers when you need it. But you're 
  not a mechanic (plumber, engineer, chemist, handy person), you can't 
  build your own processor? One of the most important aspects of DIY 
  biofuels is that it's a very empowering thing to discover that you 
  don't have to be Exxon-Mobil to make your own fuel, and not only 
  that, yours is better than theirs. Same with building a processor - 
  if you try, you might just surprise yourself, and wouldn't that'd be 
  a GREAT feeling? Our modern societies have been grievously deskilled, 
  we're not nearly as capable or competent as our grandfathers were. Or 
  so we think, until we try. There are plenty of people here who'll be 
  happy to help you, you won't be the first. (We're not engineers 
  either, we're journalists - if we can do it, so can you.)

  Best wishes


  >Thank you!
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  >  >Hello Bob, welcome
  >  >There isn't such a thing, none of them is recommended - check the
  >  >list archives.

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