Many thanks for your good wishes, Luc, Brian, Jorge and all. 
Especially since I was expecting a thumping for neglecting the list 
maintenance. But we got it all installed and set up last night 
without any problems or delays, not like last time (18 months ago) 
when we were offline for most of a week.

>May your move be pleasant, and without incident. May the birds greet
>you with cheer. Fresh mountain air, good to keep the cobwebs out of
>the mind :)

Thankyou! Yes, all that and more - very fresh air, crisp and clean, 
birds everywhere, really peaceful and quiet. Visitors said that about 
our last place, but there's no comparison, this is much better. It's 
pretty round here. I'm sitting at my desk with the screens open and 
all I can see is wild green stuff, starting 10 feet away, beyond that 
forested slopes and blue sky. It's great! The mind is sort of 
hopelessly cobwebbed beyond all remedy but the spirit soars. On the 
other hand the wild boar are a problem, so are the deer, if you grow 
stuff, and we've seen a few weasels, the chicken hutch (the end bit 
of one of the sheds) is currently being turned into Midori's version 
of Fort Chicken. The chooks have got a whole field to run on during 
the day though.

>Sounds like a positivie move.  Hope all goes well.  I'm hoping I get
>to move somewhere more mountainous soon.

It's only about an hour away, so no need for an everything-one-time 
move, much easier. Still a lot of chaos and a lot of stuff yet to be 
moved, but the rest is quite easy. We were cooking on biodiesel last 
night and this morning because the gasman messed up, but he's here 
now connecting it all. We'll still use the biodiesel though, and 
we'll replace the gas with biogas eventually anyway. Lots of work to 
do getting the land in condition for crops - we've got a tractor and 
a rotavator, both diesels (and a few other diesels, including an old 
250cc Yanmar, interesting), and there's a few tons of compost to be 
brought from the old place and so on. I'd like to get some pigs to do 
the ploughing, they're much better (and you can't make biogas with 
tractor-manure, nor do tractors make good bacon). Mountains though, 
yes - Mountains Are Good For You. A couple of years in Holland 
convinced me of that, and I was born on one after all. I do notice 
though that the more mountainous we get the less we use our bicycles.

>Moving? I know what you mean....I move from the states to Honduras 
>10 years ago I'm a lot of stuff get lost,broken or just missing...I 
>hope it won't be your case...happy moving!!!

Thankyou Jorge, we should be okay, I don't think we'll lose anything 
this time, touch wood. We're quite good at this, we seem to do it 
about once a year, which doesn't make it any less of a PITA.

Best wishes


>--- In, Keith Addison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hello all
> >
> > Apologies in advance... We're likely to be somewhat chaotic over
> > next few days or so, or rather even more chaotic - we're moving
> > house. Actually we're moving not only house but also Journey to
> > Forever, the complete catastrophe, and all the fish. Well,
> > and so on anyway, plus all ongoing projects, gear, large dead-tree
> > library, loads of TEJ (Totally Essential Junk without which life
> > hardly possible), etc. Especially etc. So list admin. is likely to
> > even more all over the place than usual. We're going here, if
> > interested: another 100-year-old farmhouse up in the mountains,
> > in much better condition than this unfixably decrepit old wreck
> > in now. Better place all round, more land too.
> >
> >
> > Best wishes
> >
> > Keith Addison
> > Journey to Forever
> > KYOTO Pref., Japan
> >
> >
> > Biofuel list owner

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