Thank you very much for your observations, Stuart. While we are considering the 
gasification units, I am concerned that we do not have a cheap or free source 
of consistent fuel for these units. Telephone books have been suggested, but I 
believe there are still issues to be worked out. (See note below.) The digester 
seems like a much quieter and less prone to problems approach that will work 
with a variety of materials--including kitchen refuse, grass clippings and 
rotted hay that farmers don't want. Methane can be safely piped and used with 
off-the shelf natural gas appliances.

Two questions:

1.) How do digester systems work in the winter? Can they be placed below 
ground? Or do they make enough heat that they can be placed above ground and 
just insulated in the winter?
2.) How does one separate the CO2 and CH4 if one does NOT have hard water? I 
assume that a source of flowing water would normally by used to bubble the 
gasses through, but if the water is soft to begin with can it be used 
effectively? Are there other methods?

Thank you very much

-- Norman Edwards
Snail: PO Box 107; Perry, Michigan 48872; USA
Tel: 517-625-7480 Fax: 517-625-7481Using Telephone books for fuel. There is 
probably enough energy in a telephone book to make it worth moving a truckload 
of them to Port Austin to use for energy. The question is: what is the cost of 
collecting telephone books in large quantities? Collecting them in recycling 
centers would probably be cheapest way. The problem is that each family only 
has a few telephone books--not like newspapers, bottles and cans which they 
accumulate daily.
1.   What percentage of people and businesses would actually bring their phone 
books to a recycling center?
2.   It is not economical for people to individually mail/ship their used phone 
books to a recycling center. At the best rates, this would cost a couple of 
dollars per book. 10,000 phone books might make good fuel, but nobody wants to 
pay $20,000 to get them.
3.   Picking up old phone books when new ones are delivered has been suggested, 
but is very questionable. A large percentage of people will not be home when 
they are delivered (businesses will be better when delivered in business 
hours.) However, many people and businesses do not want to get rid of their old 
book right away as they may have notes in it. Others will not instantly know 
where their books are and some will have already disposed of them. The simple 
cost of a delivery person waiting several minutes for old phonebooks to be 
found will add significantly to the cost of obtaining them. (However, if 
picking up old telephone books were done by volunteers, in combination with 
preaching the gospel, this might be a viable thing.)

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