We use mild air-pressure to pump the methoxide from the carboy into a 
valve in the top of the processor, quite slowly. Maybe the way the 
oil inlet from the pump to the top of the processor is arranged also 
has something to do with it, but the mix is thorough and fairly 
instant. On adding the sulphuric acid for the acid-base process, also 
in the top, the oil-methanol mix in the pump tube (clear woven PVC) 
changes colour in a second or two, and that's at less than 1 ml per 
litre. It's simple and effective, I don't think feeding it (or the 
methanol/methoxide) straight into the pump would achieve a more 
thorough mix. I'm sure either way will do, but if feeding it straight 
to the pump gets too complicated try it this way.
Journey to Forever 90-litre processor

Best wishes


>Look at the processor plans at:
>http://www.journeytoforever.org/biodiesel_processor.html . The
>APpleseed reactor and many others have the type of pump-mixed system
>you're describing. The way methoxide is added, is that a second tank
>(a 5-gallon jerrican in my case) is used, which the methoxide is mixed
>up in. Then it's plumbed inline with the intake of the pump. When y0u
>add methoxide, you just open a valve, and hopefully the pump will draw
>in the methoxide into the oil stream.
>The other devices for this sort of thing include venturis (which would
>make this work a little better than the current APpleseed arrangement
>does) and various agricultural sprayer equipment 'injectors' for
>adding pesticides to a stream of liquid. I don't have direct
>experience with these. Venturis and other inline chemcal injection
>devices are found at the Northern Tool, tractor Supply Company,
>various local agricultural/ranch/farm supply places, www.
>surpluscenter.com, and McMaster-Carr (McMaster.com I think).
>Let us know what you find and how it works for you.
>--- In biofuel@yahoogroups.com, Angus Scown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I have just started construction of my processer.  I have started
> > simply by building a cone bottomed 44 gallon (200 litre)  drum.  I
> > thinking of using a pump to do the mixing as it seems very simple to
> > design/install and with clear pipes in sections to monitor the
> >
> > My construction helper (he who welds) and I got talking about the
>addition of
> > the Methanol , Acid, Methoxide.  He got me thinking about some sort
>of inline
> > 'adder' so I could drip my chosen substance in to the pump mixing
> > This would help me get a good mix.  Has anyone else got experience
>with this
> > type of design.  Not knowing too much about pumps etc what sort of
> > could I look for/make for adding the substance 'mid flow'.
> >
> > Many thanks.
> >
> > Angus
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> > http://maroochypermaculture.org.au
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