>Good luck on your new digs.I hope you find them inspiring and that 
>they bend to your will

Thankyou Rico - other way round though, it's us who'll bend to its 
will. "Man's work with nature that furthers nature's aims is the work 
that rewards him the best," says the I Ching, very wisely. However, 
discerning just what nature's aims might be isn't always so simple. 
It needs an empty mind.

>Keith Addison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Many thanks for your good wishes, Luc, Brian, Jorge and all.
>Especially since I was expecting a thumping for neglecting the list
>maintenance. But we got it all installed and set up last night
>without any problems or delays, not like last time (18 months ago)
>when we were offline for most of a week.
> >May your move be pleasant, and without incident. May the birds greet
> >you with cheer. Fresh mountain air, good to keep the cobwebs out of
> >the mind :)
> >
> >Luc
>Thankyou! Yes, all that and more - very fresh air, crisp and clean,
>birds everywhere, really peaceful and quiet. Visitors said that about
>our last place, but there's no comparison, this is much better. It's
>pretty round here. I'm sitting at my desk with the screens open and
>all I can see is wild green stuff, starting 10 feet away, beyond that
>forested slopes and blue sky. It's great! The mind is sort of
>hopelessly cobwebbed beyond all remedy but the spirit soars. On the
>other hand the wild boar are a problem, so are the deer, if you grow
>stuff, and we've seen a few weasels, the chicken hutch (the end bit
>of one of the sheds) is currently being turned into Midori's version
>of Fort Chicken. The chooks have got a whole field to run on during
>the day though.
> >Sounds like a positivie move.  Hope all goes well.  I'm hoping I get
> >to move somewhere more mountainous soon.
> >
> >Brian
>It's only about an hour away, so no need for an everything-one-time
>move, much easier. Still a lot of chaos and a lot of stuff yet to be
>moved, but the rest is quite easy. We were cooking on biodiesel last
>night and this morning because the gasman messed up, but he's here
>now connecting it all. We'll still use the biodiesel though, and
>we'll replace the gas with biogas eventually anyway. Lots of work to
>do getting the land in condition for crops - we've got a tractor and
>a rotavator, both diesels (and a few other diesels, including an old
>250cc Yanmar, interesting), and there's a few tons of compost to be
>brought from the old place and so on. I'd like to get some pigs to do
>the ploughing, they're much better (and you can't make biogas with
>tractor-manure, nor do tractors make good bacon). Mountains though,
>yes - Mountains Are Good For You. A couple of years in Holland
>convinced me of that, and I was born on one after all. I do notice
>though that the more mountainous we get the less we use our bicycles.
> >Moving? I know what you mean....I move from the states to Honduras
> >10 years ago I'm a lot of stuff get lost,broken or just missing...I
> >hope it won't be your case...happy moving!!!
> >
> >Jorge
>Thankyou Jorge, we should be okay, I don't think we'll lose anything
>this time, touch wood. We're quite good at this, we seem to do it
>about once a year, which doesn't make it any less of a PITA.
>Best wishes
> >--- In biofuel@yahoogroups.com, Keith Addison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Hello all
> > >
> > > Apologies in advance... We're likely to be somewhat chaotic over
> >the
> > > next few days or so, or rather even more chaotic - we're moving
> > > house. Actually we're moving not only house but also Journey to
> > > Forever, the complete catastrophe, and all the fish. Well,
> >chickens
> > > and so on anyway, plus all ongoing projects, gear, large dead-tree
> > > library, loads of TEJ (Totally Essential Junk without which life
> >is
> > > hardly possible), etc. Especially etc. So list admin. is likely to
> >be
> > > even more all over the place than usual. We're going here, if
> >you're
> > > interested: another 100-year-old farmhouse up in the mountains,
> >but
> > > in much better condition than this unfixably decrepit old wreck
> >we're
> > > in now. Better place all round, more land too.
> > > http://journeytoforever.org/tamba.jpg
> > >
> > > Best wishes
> > >
> > > Keith Addison
> > > Journey to Forever
> > > KYOTO Pref., Japan
> > > http://journeytoforever.org/
> > >
> > > Biofuel list owner

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