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Tuesday, 15 June, 2004, 13:10:08, you wrote:

DF> I visited Israel recently and toured the Golan among other places.  The
DF> Golan is the perfect place for anyone bent on the destruction of Israel
DF> (like Syria professes to be) to possess so that they can just drop their
DF> artillery shells on the most inhabitted sections of the country.  That's
DF> what they tried to do in 1967 and there is absolutely no reason for
DF> anyone to believe that they will not repeat that if they ever get the
DF> Golan back.  The only way Israel can be secure is to retain the Golan
DF> and keep those people who wish to see Israel destroyed off of it.

DF> But isn't this supposed to be the biofuels list?

DF> Dan
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DF> From: Hakan Falk [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
DF> Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 11:57 AM
DF> To: biofuel@yahoogroups.com
DF> Subject: Re: [biofuel] wondering about this comment

DF> Steve,

DF> This is one of the worse things I heard for a long - long time. We have
DF> international laws that regulate this and none is supporting your and
DF> Israel's view  about individual ownership, as you are stating it. It
DF> might have been true some hundreds years ago, but today ownership must
DF> be respected. This have nothing to do with what the state occupies
DF> whoever, they are obliged by international law to respect individual
DF> property rights. An occupier have the obligation to protect the occupied
DF> population and provide a secure environment in accordance to
DF> international law and human rights. Israel does nothing of either.
DF> Personally I feel cheated, since I have for so long supported Israel and
DF> its right to live in peace and security. How can this state that for so
DF> long and in such a high degree, solicited and got my support, commit
DF> such crimes today.

DF> Every time I look at what you are saying, it get me more and more upset
DF> and how can anyone be so f-ing stupid. I do not normally get so upset
DF> and it is not good for my health. My friend, you do not fit in the
DF> modern society, with respect for human rights. How can anyone support
DF> land grab and stealing from individuals, who are the victims of a
DF> conflict between states and not personally responsible.

DF> How could you, Israel and the US government develop such a barbarian
DF> view.
DF> The negligence by US to follow the international laws in Iraq, might be
DF> a sign of both the US and Israel ignorance. Leaders and government  of
DF> countries are expected to follow international laws, if not, they are
DF> criminals. Both US and Israel are bound to these laws and have ratified
DF> them, their behavior is not supportable.

DF> Hakan

DF> At 15:43 15/06/2004, you wrote:
>> >I am a neutral observer. To distinguish between what  is just and
>> >what is not. Jews have taken other  peoples' homes and have driven
>> >them out of their land.
>> > i understand that all the arabs have accepted the fact  that Isreal
>> >is to exist. They have offered to live in  peace provided Isreal
>> >returns all the land it stole  from the arabs in 1967. Why have Jews
>> >rejected it?
>>If this person went to work.. made money that he earned would he feel
>>that the money still belongs to his employer?
>>When you capture territories in a war ... they are yours.. not the
>>people you captured it from.  These are the same things..
>>That is why the Jews have rejected giving the land back. It is theirs..

>>they were attacked... they won.
>>End of story... this was not a land grab...this was the spoils of war.

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