>I visited Israel recently and toured the Golan among other places.  The
>Golan is the perfect place for anyone bent on the destruction of Israel
>(like Syria professes to be) to possess so that they can just drop their
>artillery shells on the most inhabitted sections of the country.  That's
>what they tried to do in 1967 and there is absolutely no reason for
>anyone to believe that they will not repeat that if they ever get the
>Golan back.  The only way Israel can be secure is to retain the Golan
>and keep those people who wish to see Israel destroyed off of it.
>But isn't this supposed to be the biofuels list?

Yes it is a Biofuels list. You fail to notice the original title of 
the message Steve commented on, changing the title - it was "Oil and 
Israel". Note it's a *Biofuel* list, not just a biodiesel list or 
something - all energy issues are relevant to biofuels discussions. 
That is a long-established tradition of this list, much discussed and 
endorsed by the majority of the list membership. Before you get 
yourself too deeply involved in this discussion I'd strongly suggest 
you check out the previous messages in the thread. Here it all is, 
with the full thread indexed:

By the way, this second message of yours doesn't have it, but your 
first message has a proprietary footer implying you work for Amdocs, 
as does your email address. If that's the case I think you have an 
interest to declare here don't you?

Best wishes

Keith Addison
Journey to Forever
List owner

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Hakan Falk [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 11:57 AM
>To: biofuel@yahoogroups.com
>Subject: Re: [biofuel] wondering about this comment
>This is one of the worse things I heard for a long - long time. We have
>international laws that regulate this and none is supporting your and
>Israel's view  about individual ownership, as you are stating it. It
>might have been true some hundreds years ago, but today ownership must
>be respected. This have nothing to do with what the state occupies
>whoever, they are obliged by international law to respect individual
>property rights. An occupier have the obligation to protect the occupied
>population and provide a secure environment in accordance to
>international law and human rights. Israel does nothing of either.
>Personally I feel cheated, since I have for so long supported Israel and
>its right to live in peace and security. How can this state that for so
>long and in such a high degree, solicited and got my support, commit
>such crimes today.
>Every time I look at what you are saying, it get me more and more upset
>and how can anyone be so f-ing stupid. I do not normally get so upset
>and it is not good for my health. My friend, you do not fit in the
>modern society, with respect for human rights. How can anyone support
>land grab and stealing from individuals, who are the victims of a
>conflict between states and not personally responsible.
>How could you, Israel and the US government develop such a barbarian
>The negligence by US to follow the international laws in Iraq, might be
>a sign of both the US and Israel ignorance. Leaders and government  of
>countries are expected to follow international laws, if not, they are
>criminals. Both US and Israel are bound to these laws and have ratified
>them, their behavior is not supportable.
>At 15:43 15/06/2004, you wrote:
> > >I am a neutral observer. To distinguish between what  is just and
> > >what is not. Jews have taken other  peoples' homes and have driven
> > >them out of their land.
> > > i understand that all the arabs have accepted the fact  that Isreal
> > >is to exist. They have offered to live in  peace provided Isreal
> > >returns all the land it stole  from the arabs in 1967. Why have Jews
> > >rejected it?
> >
> >If this person went to work.. made money that he earned would he feel
> >that the money still belongs to his employer?
> >
> >When you capture territories in a war ... they are yours.. not the
> >people you captured it from.  These are the same things..
> >
> >That is why the Jews have rejected giving the land back. It is theirs..
> >they were attacked... they won.
> >
> >End of story... this was not a land grab...this was the spoils of war.

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