Hi Mark, Brian and all

>I thibnk that's a great idea. Get started making fuel first, though,
>so you thorouoghly understand all the options for processors.

I'm glad you responded Mark, and more so that you said this - I 
wanted to respond but I think this is a major point, and I didn't 
want to discourage Brian.

Quite a lot of biodiesel newbies seem to get fascinated with the idea 
of the perfect processor, and designing same, often before even 
trying out their first test-batch. Happens more and more, seems to 
me, beats me why. Some have even formed groups to work on it 
together. Nothing much seems to come of it, which is probably just as 
well. You've said before, and so have I, and so have others, that 
biodiesel is not good armchair fodder, it just doesn't lend itself 
well to theorising. So true! I don't think a newcomer can design a 
processor, perhaps not even build one, unless they had good thorough 
plans with everything specced.

So, Brian, please don't be discouraged, but please do be encouraged 
to start actually making the stuff as soon as possible. Getting a 
thorough hands-on feel for the process will give you a much better 
grounding for building good, effective, trouble-free processors, 
which is what you want to do. There are more than enough around that 
are less than that.

Start here:
"Where do I start?"

And, for more processor ideas, here, if you haven't been there already:
Biodiesel processors: Journey to Forever

Best wishes


>There;s a serious lack of good steel conical bottom tanks available,
>and I encourage anyone like you to make them for others.
>You're welcome to use the plumbing design from APpleseed or something
>similar, and make a product to sell.
>--- In biofuel@yahoogroups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Hi all, Another Newbe to all of this. I am a sheet metal journeyman
> > at the shop where I work does a lot of custom stainless steal duct
> > for hospitals and industry that needs it's ability to with stand
> > corrosive fumes. The many shapes and sizes that we come up with for
> > jobs could be implemented into a processor. If the stainless is not
> > good choice copper or aluminum can be substituted for it although I
> > think that the aluminum might not be a good choice due to the acids
> > since I am not familiar to the stuff used to make BD yet this might
>be a
> > good one to use?? I would like to make one for myself and would
> > making a few for you good folks out here if any are interested? I
> > that the pre made possessors do not have a good rep. so with your
> > maybe we can change this. I read that a vassal that is tall and
>narrow is
> > better then one that is short and wide. These would be more or less
> > custom item built to a size( height & circumference) that the
>majority of
> > you think would be best. This can have a funnel type bottom if that
> > appropriate and have some kind of bulk head type of lid. Any and all
> > input would be greatly appreciated by me. I am looking for a 40 gal.
> > 50 gal. per batch out put for myself but would consider other sizes
> > well. So now is a time for all of you who wish they can find the
> > shape and size if you could have one made to order. We can weld on
> > hose connections and add stuff like the pre heaters so for those of
> > who have the wisdom for a reasonable state of the art (Back yard)
> > personal processor please give me your dimensions and locations and
> > if this can work for us. If I can get this down to a reasonable cost
> > make I will draw up the plans and hand them out and you can have a
> > shop make one for you Or maybe I can and have it sent out to you. Is
> > one up to this??? Thanks, {:-) Brian K.

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