Irrespective of your appreciation of the current administration in 
this, or any other country, one need heed the facts that they have 
so carefully collected, and to what use they are putting them.
Deep under the ground, in many locations too numerous to mention, 
these respective governments have installations that are 
veritable "Noah's Arks", in terms of survival capability.
As a general rule, they do not include the likes of most of us, as 
we are mere worker drones on the surface, and therefore expendable 
in the long run.
We work for fiat money, owe the bank and are kept in line by a multi-
level enforcement array, which we also indirectly support.
Very few of us have managed an independent lifestyle and are free of 
the need for prommisary wealth. We lack the resources these 
governmental organizations have squandered on themselves.

The weather is the result of the increasing force being applied to 
this planet from extra-terrestrial sources, and will culminate in an 
oft-repeated event, known as the pole shift.
This event is a sudden one...the one that left the grass in the 
mouth of the mastadon, destroyed the dinosaurs, ad-infinitum down 
the ages.
What makes it happen?
The mantle of the Earth is composed of three layers.
Each is lubricated by molten rock, and hinged near Spain, Alaska and 
in Russia, near the top of the globe, and very deep levels by 
general inertia and rough divisional boundries. It is what keeps it 
rotating in synchronization with the Planet as a whole.
As this force is deliberately applied from afar, the boundry layers 
will give way, and the potential energy, being released will cause 
the mantle layers to spin according to the new magnetic focus, as 
science can already determine.
This in itself poses no threat to life...but what of the water, some 
average 3 miles deep around the planet?
It will stand still, while the mantles now spin through it, trying 
to re-align to the new magnetic poles, as all pass under it's 
depths, effectively removing the bulk of all Life on this world.
Those prudent enough to relocate above 10,000 feet, like the ancient 
Peruvians did at Machu Pichu, will survive this epoch. is the least of your worries, as tommorrow 
promises a politician-free world.

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