I hardly call that site a news site. It is probably better classified as a blog 
where someone who has an axe to grid is trying to build a case for hatred. If 
you don't believe me start clicking some of the links. ie if you buy this then 
maybe you buy something else more blatant. I don't believe that the US should 
be taking a stance pro or against Isreal. I do believe that all the Infatada 
has produced is a democratic government in Isreal that has very little hope of 
negotiating peace. The Isreali government around 2000 was far more likely to 
have produced a solution. I have not to date seen a PLO government that I 
believe is truely committed to peace. There may be some truth to the fact that 
you have to be a terrorist to be taken seriously in their politics. (Quote from 
one of their leaders).

To solve this problem there needs to be true guts from someone who is able to 
solve the problem. 

The Isrealis should pull back as much as they politically can in their own 
country and build a fence and wait for things to calm down enough that peace 
can be achieved. They are doing this to some extent but the fence is not in the 
right place. They should have built it along the peace accord border. ie thumb 
their noses and say we are doing the right thing regardless of lack of PLO 

The PLO should immediately renounce all terrorism and police against it or 
negotiate a peace among themselves for two years. Then appeal to the 
international community to move the border back to the accord. Watch how fast 
Palestine support would grow in all areas of the world if they did that. It 
leaves Isreal without a leg to stand on. I think you also might be surprised 
how fast Isreal elects a government to implement the accord. Being a democracy 
they can turn on a election like the US is likely to whenever Bush's mandate is 
up. The PLO doesn't have that ability to change leadership which is a weakness.

Both sides have the ability to unilaterally end this now with strong 
leadership. Neither at this point has the political will or the plan to do it. 
So they are both guilty. Isreal has the slight advantage here because they are 
a `democracy` and in fact the government has to appear to be doing something or 
else they will be gone. Possibly that is why Sharon is building the fence and 
pulling back settlements. Possibly it is that he truely wants peace. I 
personally don't think what Sharon is doing is enough but it is the best hope 
we have at the moment. Fanning hated on either side certainly will not promote 
peace. Possbily labour will return to government in Isreal and build the fence 
in the right place in a few years.

Both sides are accused of doing bad things and likely at least some of it is 
true. Trying to paint one heavily over the other is a waste of time. I will 
openly admit I am more supportive of democratic or quasi-democratic governments 
because they are more in tune with the will of the people. Remember aparthied 
fell in an election. Not by terrorism or violent opposition.

                                                      - bfn - JAW

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