Station owners really don't make much money off of gas.  Their lucky to make a
nickel a gallon.  They make their money on what's called C-Store sales.

If more people could take public transportation it would help greatly.

Funny tidbit.  BP says they loose money on their gas stations, $100mil last
year.  You refine it, you transport it, you store it, you delivery it, and you
sell it.  How do you loose money when you control all aspects of it.  Just by
vertues of econmies of scale you have to make money.

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:46:25 GMT, marilyn wrote
> effort to take  public transportation for a whole month.
> wrote:
> "This is mostly an incorrect rumor. 
> - It'd better 
> serve everyone to forward accurate information about 
> alternatives to petroleum."
> Thanks for the reply, and especially for the Snopes site. I hadn't 
> heard if it. I will check it from now on.
> I was concerned about the cost to the station owners, but 
> wondered it it was part of a larger plan to start with a one day 
> boycott as a symbol of protest, then move from there to a longer 
> period that would have a major impact. I figured if anyone knew 
> this, it would be this group.
> Marilyn

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