Hi Darryl

Very nice!

>I'm sure others can contribute more ideas beyond the list above.  My point is,
>don't act for a day, act for a lifetime.

I'm also sure, there've been some good contributions so far.

If we can et some more I can compile them and make a page at Journey 
to Forever for it, might help.

It would be nice to internationalise it a bit, but if it doesn't work 
out that way I don't mind.

Best wishes


>Well, then I guess we can expect to see BP putting all their 
>gasoline stations up
>for sale.  After all, the managers are required to maximize the 
>returns for their
>shareholders.  If the stations are losing money, they have to dump 
>them.  I won't
>be holding my breath.
>As for gas-outs - it's a sad joke, as has been pointed out here before.
>If you want to reduce gasoline (and diesel) consumption, for whatever reason,
>here's a start on what you can do to make a difference.
>1)  Walk somewhere.  Anywhere.  Just leave your guzzler parked.
>2)  Get a bicycle.  Preferably something used.  Try your local 
>FreeCycle, or bike
>repair co-op, or a used bike dealer.  Find something comfortable and 
>practical for
>your use.  Then use it.
>3)  Check the pressure on the tires on your vehicle.  Correct if 
>necessary.  Slight
>overinflation is better for fuel economy than slight underinflation.  Repeat
>monthly or more frequently if required.
>4)  Have your vehicle tuned up on a regular, appropriate schedule. 
>Check owner's
>manual for details.  Check for dragging brakes, emissions control 
>system problems,
>etc while you are at it.
>5)  Plan your trips to minimize distance travelled (trip chaining).
>6)  Use public transit when available and appropriate.  Or carpool.
>7)  Use biofuels, e.g. E100, E85, E10 as recommended for your 
>vehicle.  There are
>many flex-fuel vehicles on the road in the U.S. due to CAFE 
>dual-fuel incentive,
>where the owners don't even know the vehicle is flex-fuel capable.  Check your
>vehicle manual.  Use biodiesel blend where available or appropriate 
>(or make your
>own, of course).
>8)  Take extra weight out of your vehicle, as accelerating extra 
>weight uses more
>energy, and de-accelerating extra weight increases brake wear. 
>(e.g. sand and salt
>mixture for winter use should not be in the trunk all sumer as well).
>9)  When shopping for tires, look for economizer / fuel miser / 
>energy wise labels.
>10)  When shopping for a replacement vehicle, look for something 
>that is as fuel-
>efficient as possible while meeting most of your needs - not 
>necessarily all of
>your needs.  You can rent a vehicle to meet occasional requirements.
>11)  If you want to make a political statement, pick an oil company 
>to boycott or
>support.  Personally, I try to buy from MacEwen's because they are 
>local and have
>been promoting ethanol blend here since before it was fashionable.  I boycott
>Exxon/Esso/Imperial Oil due to their horrendous environmental record 
>(and other
>undesirable practices).  Trust me, if we actually managed to drop 
>Exxon's gross
>revenue in a regional market by 10% for a quarter, that would 
>definitely get their
>attention.  Giving their station attendants and cashiers a quiet day won't.
>12)  Try to drive to avoid periods of traffic congestion.  You get 0 mpg when
>idling in stopped traffic.
>I'm sure others can contribute more ideas beyond the list above.  My point is,
>don't act for a day, act for a lifetime.
>Darryl McMahon
>"mphee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Station owners really don't make much money off of gas.  Their 
>lucky to make a
> > nickel a gallon.  They make their money on what's called C-Store sales.
> >
> > If more people could take public transportation it would help greatly.
> >
> >
> > Funny tidbit.  BP says they loose money on their gas stations, $100mil last
> > year.  You refine it, you transport it, you store it, you 
>delivery it, and you
> > sell it.  How do you loose money when you control all aspects of 
>it.  Just by
> > vertues of econmies of scale you have to make money.
> >
> >
> > On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:46:25 GMT, marilyn wrote
> > > effort to take  public transportation for a whole month.
> > >
> > > Biofuel@sustainablelists.org wrote:
> > > "This is mostly an incorrect rumor.
> > > http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/nogas.asp - It'd better
> > > serve everyone to forward accurate information about
> > > alternatives to petroleum."
> > >
> > > Thanks for the reply, and especially for the Snopes site. I hadn't
> > > heard if it. I will check it from now on.
> > >
> > > I was concerned about the cost to the station owners, but
> > > wondered it it was part of a larger plan to start with a one day
> > > boycott as a symbol of protest, then move from there to a longer
> > > period that would have a major impact. I figured if anyone knew
> > > this, it would be this group.
> > > Marilyn
> >

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