In my opinion, one shouldn't be choosing and committing to a particular form of alternative/sustainable energy when trying to live sustainably on your own power. Our homes need to be seen as hybrids and should be constantly diversifying and prioritizing based on your needs, resources and abilities.
When your thoughts "go toward wind", it leads me to believe that you are prepared to do both but, need to prioritize. So, the top paragraph is probably nothing new to you and I apologize if I sound like I'm lecturing. I still wanted to reiterate my point since (IMO) it speaks to an important issue in US culture about complacency and how oil has promoted a philosophy of solving "the problem" with "the answer". $.02

Tom Irwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi All,
If climate change occurs from global warming do solar panels make more sense to buy or will wind be better. My thoughts go toward wind. If the temperature expected occur, many areas will have more cloudy days from all of the extra moisture evaporated into the atmosphere from the rising ocean tamperatures. What do you all think? Wind can be fairly constant in some areas and should only increase from climate change.
Tom Irwin 
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