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Subject: [EVDL] Digital Deadwalkers : $52M/yr alert-sound adds noise
        pollution& not-a-solution

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TT sez >It is the pedestrian blinded by electronics technology that we need to concern ourselves with!<

AAOS calls these Digital Deadwalkers:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLrcY7iSxFU ]

Digital Deadwalkers

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons  Jan 12, 2015

"Dude. Engage!"

The AAOS public service campaign "Digital Deadwalkers" encourages
pedestrians to engage in and with their surroundings.Distracted driving can cause crashes, injuries and death. It's a prevalent public issue that the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) continues to champion. But what about distracted walking? What are the consequences of pedestrians talking on the phone, texting, listening to music, engaging deeply in conversation with the person next to them, or
focusing on anything or anyone other than the task of getting where they
need to go?

Distracted "deadwalkers" are causing an epidemic of fractures and other
orthopaedic injuries. Danger lurks at every corner of our cities and towns, but what if pedestrians are the ones posing the threats to themselves and others? Today, more and more pedestrians fall down stairs, trip over curbs or other objects, and in many instances, step into traffic, causing serious injury, and even death, each year.

"We know that the number of injuries to pedestrians using their phones has nearly tripled since 2004, and surveys have shown that 60% of pedestrians are distracted by other activities while walking," said Alan Hilibrand, MD, chair of the AAOS Communications Cabinet. "Orthopaedic surgeons?the medical doctors who specialize in bones, muscles and joints?focus on keeping bones strong so that we can keep our nation in motion. In 2009, AAOS launched the "Decide to Drive" campaign to educate children, teens and adults about the dangers of distracted driving. For 2015, the Academy is now expanding its
message to include the dangers of distracted walking."


In my life and in my area (Silicon Valley, CA) there are far more
distracted people (that are not physically blind) that do incredibly dumb things as they have disconnected themselves from the real world (its like the mobile devices are a tech-drug of a distracted lifestyle)

To some, this is now common. For others, this seems unbelievable. And it
isn't just teens


Children to Tweens (age 6 - 12) are also affected:




There is a whole new way to pacify your kid by throwing a cheap mobile tech device at them (see links below).

Children and tweens that (if they survive) will grow up to be distracted

My point in posting this is that the Million$ being spent are not going to resolve what the advocates for the blind say is the issue (they are pushing hard on a door marked pull).
The quiet from electrified vehicles made noisy will not resolve the
tech-addicted brain-distracted children, tweens, teens and adults that will do dumb disconnected things (like walk without looking> right in front of a moving vehicle).

Loud or quiet, there are a whole lot more chances to hit the distracted
walking than a blind person carrying a white cane.

I am not saying something should not be done to help the blind. But throwing $52M at it in this way which does not totally resolve the problem is not a fix. IMO I think there has to be other ways to alert the blind of coming moving vehicles. Possibly on an individual blind person point of approach. Perhaps their white cane would have beeping tech that would alert the blind of approaching vehicles, etc.

Links  [dated]
Walking while texting could get you arrested, if a NJ law is passed
March 28, 2016
Distracted Walking: Your Phone and Intersections Don't Mix
January 14, 2016  "Digital deadwalkers" are tripping and falling down stairs
The dangers of walking and talking: Pedestrian mobile phone injuries DOUBLE in five years 20 June 2013 Around 1,500 pedestrians injured while using a mobile were treated in 2010 Patients include a boy, 14, who fell 8ft off a bridge while talking on a phone Researchers warn figures will continue to rise as mobile use increases and could double again by 2015
Study: 'Distracted Walking' Causes More Injuries Than Distracted Driving
JUN 20, 2013 Even when they're not texting, just talking on the phone puts pedestrians at risk.

Worrying rise of the iPad childminder: more and more parents admit using
tablets to keep their children quiet 7 January 2015 The royals have admitted Prince George knows what to do with an iPad They are by no means the only family in the country giving out technology at a young age In a time where iPaddy has become a popular phrase, more and more children are being given the Apple products
The Cell Phone: A Modern Day "Pacifier"
Oct 11, 2013  The "pacifier" has done its trick once again to calm the
anxious child. This simple ... These new modern day "binkies" are called
"Cell Phones." ...
Mobile Devices: The New Pacifier?
October 03, 2012 ... parents today are distracting their children from
boisterous behavior? They give them a smartphone or tablet ...

[The 'save the blind from silent cars' meme is not new. I remember writing a proposal to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) for a device which could be worn as a hat or headband. Using Polaroid camera technology (multiple sensors with on-board intelligence), it could detect obstacles in the path and around (360 degrees in X-Y plane, determine relative speed to the wearer, and using a combination of sound pitch (frequency) and pulses (modulation) could alert the wearer to objects heading toward them from any direction (even above) and give a sense of object size and relative speed. They were not interested. This would provide warnings not just about quiet cars, but also joggers, bicycles, dogs, and stationary objects. This was so long ago I remember I wrote the proposal on a CP/M computer.]

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