[This story is of interest primarily because Saskatchewan has been the staunchest defender of coal-fired generation in Canada, and has wasted many millions of taxpayer dollars building an industrial capacity carbon capture system with the chief objective of subsidizing the oil industry with CO2 gas for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The total capacity of coal-fired generation in Saskatchewan is 1.43 GW. This wind energy initiative could displace about 1/7th of current coal-fired capacity; the Shand power station has a maximum net capacity of 276 MW, only slightly more than the proposed wind initiative. This would roughly double the wind power capacity in the province. The neighbouring province of Manitoba is seeking export markets for its hydropower.]

Canada: Saskatchewan aims 200MW of wind energy


The Canadian province of Saskatchewan estimates to issue a call for approximately 200MW of wind energy at the beginning of 2017.

Provincial utility SaskPower intends to first release a demand for qualification by the end of this year. The province is on course to raise its renewable power supply to around 50% by 2030 with wind electricity contributing 30% of total energy supply. Five wind farms with total capacity of 221MW supply approximately 5% of the province's energy presently. The province also targets to add solar power and is seeking the potential for hydro projects, hydro imports from other provinces, and biomass and geothermal power schemes.
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