Thanks Chipper and Darryl. and to our Old Favorite Gone but not forgotten Keith
Thankyou guys for all you have done  in keeping this list going
I know how tedious it can be over the years  sometimes you wonder if it is all worth it I know how you feel I have been in a Mail list going on 26 years now and mainly their are 2 of us active sending
stuff into it and keeping it alive after all these years
We both know that most of our members are still reading our posts BUT they forget to tell us as we have become a part of their lives that they take for granted IF we suddenly stopped all of a sudden we would get , where have Tony and Al Gone ? ( Al is about 88 now and I am only 57 ) I also have a daily post out to a group of friends And sometimes I wonder why Occasionally I put in the odd really controversial Email or something that has to spark a shock or funny reply to just wake them up
but they all keep coming back for more
Darryl I know I haven't been vocal in many years  it doesnt mean I dont appreciate all the work you do  it is often thankless and tedious but rewarding all the same people do appreciate you but they do take you for granted so mate Please personally accept all my thanks for what you have done I wish you and yours and all of our group all the best for 2017 may all our Biofuel wishes & alternative ideas &needs for this planet come true

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