I started my heavy volume posting as Keith relinquished the role to
others.  I refer you to his post from over 4 years ago.


The list archive remains a valued tool to me.

However, to summarize, there are a lot of sources.  I believe my
particular value-add has been that I read so many of them, have a bit of
a BS filter, and pass along those which I think have merit without too
much 'me-too' echoing.  That's all based on my biases.

You can subscribe to many non-MSM sources.  One of my cues is the
presence of links and footnotes to fact-based sources, rather than
repetition of disinformation in the corporate media echo chamber.

Keith's list began with:




On my own, I have come to like http://rabble.ca/ for Canadian
perspectives, http://www.tyee.ca/ for environmental truths (also

Note that many of these need individual donors to support them.  I have
contributed to most over the years.  If you are so fortunate you can
afford to, I encourage you to do so, or these counterpoint voices will
be silenced.

I have also set up a LOT of Internet search alerts, which likely account
for about half the content I have forwarded to the list. Some things just come my way due to a wide range of personal interests.

Regular list readers will know that I think climate change is the issue of our time, and the ascendance of the deniers to positions of power around the world is troubling. On this list, I have tried to bring a combination of the bad and the inspiring. For a real counterpoint to the denialist perspective, try https://guymcpherson.com/. Be warned, there is nothing light-hearted there; I found it sucked at my soul. I stopped reading there years ago, and felt my time would be better spent trying to make a positive difference than giving into despair.

This list was one of my efforts in that regard. Giving a different perspective on the world's apparent insanity, gathered together in one place for an audience who would benefit from the knowledge and make use of it to make for a better society and more sustainable future for our species (and many others).

Wishing you all to be informed, be skeptical, be engaged and be active. I intend to be.

Resurrecting my old tag line:

It's your planet.  If you won't look after it, who will?


On 12/24/2016 11:49 AM, Frank wrote:
Hi & Thx Chip +everyone, Sure have enjoyed many of the articles over
the years. Don't think there's another list quite as unique! You
certainly have made a difference in this world.

Thx 4 All the current-day enlightenment + eye-opening conscientious
info that 'Main Stream Media' somehow manages to miss.

Anyone know where to get more data/info similar to what we've been
blessed to be a part of?

Thx again & Happy Holidays, Frank

On Thursday, December 22, 2016 4:42 PM, Chip Mefford <c...@well.com>

It has been many years now since Keith passed.

As things stand, Darryl is about the only traffic posted here and
even that is echoing (admittedly interesting) stuff posted elsewhere.

If anyone is interested, I can and am willing to provide the
subscriber's list if anyone wishes to continue this work.

As things stand, this mailing list is the only mailing list left on
my mailman server that gets any traffic at all, and the spam to post
ratio is about 70:1 (intercepted).

As of 20170101, the list will shut down.

The archives will of course remain in place until such a time as
those responsible for them decide to take some other action.

Please take these few days to make your farewells.

So long and thanks for everything.

your list-admin --chipper
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